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Since starting Stiletto Sports in 2008, one of the most popular F.A.Q’s we have received is “What do I wear to a football game or party?” or “How do I make a jersey look cute?” and every season we put together Game Day inspired fashion look-books to help you.  Because we definitely know what it’s like to have a first date at a football football (or in my case, it was baseball) stadium and spend hours trying to find the perfect “casual-yet-sexy-but-I-hope-I’m-not-trying-to-hard” look!

Let’s face it, Game Day Fashion is a challenge!  Chances are, you have been–or will be–in a position where you going to be watching the big game and you don’t know what to wear. Maybe you are going to be tailgating all day at a college game, or heading to Buffalo Wild Wings for the NFL Games. Or maybe you are going to be the couple hosting the Super Bowl Party this year. Even if you are just going out for drinks at the local sports bar to watch the game, picking the right outfit for a sporting event can be intimidating.

Especially if you are like me and the thought of wearing a Jersey makes you break out in hives….(until now! Stay tuned because up next we will be doing a  whole spread about “How to make a jersey look cute” that will make you run to the nearest sports store for a Mark Sanchez jersey!) This Look Book is all about what to wear for football Game Day if you are not Jerseylicious! And all of these looks are adaptable for any sport–even the MLB playoffs!

Games, sports bars and tailgating parties are not exactly known as high fashion outings! But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be fabulous! It’s all about finding the right balance of being stylish without looking like you are trying to hard.

Even if you aren’t Lil Miss Go Team Go! you can still be Game Day Chic–without throwing on a jersey! But, there are still some dress code guidelines to follow.

  1. Better to be Underdressed Than Overdressed. This is the one and only time I will ever say that expression. I’m usually a firm believer that you can never be too overdressed….except when it comes to tailgating and sporting events. Just the other night, my roommate and I were going to watch the a game at a sports bar near our house. (granted, it’s an upscale sports bar but really, kinda like an Applebees). His girlfriend decided to come and came downstairs decked out in a blue silk-satin dress and heels. Neither of us knew quite to say. I mean, we are going to watch a football game, not go for cocktails downtown.  I, too, was in a dress. But mine was a casual sundress in gator orange and casually accessorized with flip flops.
  2. Color Coordinate: Be careful what colors you wear. You don’t want to go to a Florida Gators bar for the Florida-Alabama game and wear red just because it’s your signature color. Find out the colors of the teams that are playing and plan around that!
  3. Be Comfortable: It’s great that you want to rock your super cute new 5 inch shoes and super skinny tight pants. But keep in mind, football games last well over 3 hours. And if you are heading out for College or NFL Game Day, you are talking at least 8-10 hours of football and tailgating. Be comfortable!

As luck would have it, Fall 2010’s hottest trends are absolutely perfect for Game Day Fashion! They even follow those three guidelines! This season’s hottest looks and trends are all about casual style, loose fitting tops and neutral colors!  Perfect for all day tailgating and sporting events! Menswear, neutrals, and oversized-boyfriend-inspired clothes are making a huge hit on runways, on TV, and even at the stadium!

Here are 17 Game Day Looks  perfect for any sporting event! Click on any image and it will take you to the ordering info and give you a complete rundown of where you can find each piece–or similar looks!


They might be considered violations in football, but not in fashion! Don’t worry! There are no penalties for these looks!


Suspenders and menswear are huge for fall 2010 and the trend looks fab on the red carpet–and heading to the green grass. Find a slim cut pair of suspender pants that can be tucked into little booties. Top it with a chunky knit sweater for the perfect fall look!


Forget the red zone! This season it’s all about greys and neutrals!
A tailored short paired with over the knee boots or socks will keep legs warm despite the chill of fall! Use layers on the top–like a long sleeve tee with a slouchy cropped cardigan over the top. Add bright colored jewelry and accessories for the little pops of color.


The loose tops of the season work best when they are just  baggy enough to fall slightly off the shoulder. It’s a sexy drape, without being over-the-top or slutty. Has a casual “just rolled out of bed vibe” but paired with the right accessories and shoes, it’s totally hot.

Wet Seal, Betseyville by Betsey Johnson, Playboy


Fall’s hottest trend is all about rocking the big, bold, baggy tops over slim cut bottoms. It’s very “Hey, look at me! I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes today and look even hotter than he does when he wears them!”

The best thing about these looks and trends is that they are super comfy—perfect for game day and tailgating parties!

Things to remember:

  1. Don’t go baggy all over. If you are doing a big loose top, make sure you have slim or tailored bottoms or leggings (please, I beg you, not jeggings)
  2. Accessorize. If you are going to rock menswear or baggy things that discreetly hide your bod, best to play up the feminine side with some fun jewelry, hair things and bags to make sure you look like a girl wearing her boyfriend’s clothes… not a girl who looks like her boyfriend….
  3. It’s all about the shoes. It’s fall. It’s all about booties and boots—and they are made for walking! You definitely do not want to pair Boyfriend-inspired looks with grungy sneakers. Bad call!


My Boyfriend’s Clothes are Comfier than Mine
Topshop, Rock & Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Nightcap


Oversized Sweaters and Jackets are perfect to snuggle in during the colder months and perfect for layering! Throw on tees and tanks under the jackets and sweaters for complete coverage against the nippy fall air!


Our beloved summer sundresses have been revamped for fall! Full of details, chunky knits and paired with boots to keep bare legs toasty warm through the cold!


The woven ShirtDress is still one of the hottest looks around! Wrap a belt around to cinch the waist and create some definition. And for fall, make sure to pair it with some funky boots and a unique hat!

Free People, Fossil, Topshop, Asos, Lucky Brand


Simple yet chic, the classic t-shirt dress is all about effortless style and all about the accessories! Without them, let’s face it, you are just wearing a baggy t-shirt. But add a belt and the baggy tee becomes the perfect form-flattering dress! Add perfect jewelry and over the knee boots or ankle boots and you’ll go from being frumpy to fabulous!
Max Studio, Jessica Simpson, Spiegel, Bobi


A spin off from the beloved shirt dress is the Hoodie Dress! Go with Rugby-inspired stripes or a hoodie dress with shoulder detailing for a sporty spice look!

Jessica Kagan Cushman, DC, Dollhouse, Asos


It’s not fall without the return of the season’s most beloved trend: the sweater dress! Revamped every year to be more stylish and fashion forward, this classic is great for Game Day! The perfect sweater dress is all about a cowl, drapey neck and form-hugging blends. Paired with leggings or skinny jeans, the look is put together and stylish without the fuss! You can’t go wrong  with a sweater dress!
Charlotte Russe, Central Park West, Express


Game Day is all about team colors–especially in college football! Pick a detailed cardigan in your fave team’s colors and plan your outfit around that. Or go with football green as your inspiration!

Even Football Watchers Get the Blues

It wouldn’t be fall without sweaters and cardigans! Chunky knits are back in a big way and the newest trend is sweater cardigans with fun detailing in the back! Cut out panels with different textures and patterns add a whole new dimension!

Even Football Watchers Get the Blues
Forever 21, Melie Bianco, Forever 21, Mara Hoffman


This is one of my favorite looks. Clean, classic and perfect for any fall day–regardless of if there is football on or not! It’s all about the juxtaposition of hard and soft, military and lady-like, structured and whimsical. Military inspired crop pants with booties on the bottom paired with ultra-pretty cardigan and playful hats and bags on top!


So maybe you don’t have a favorite team. Or maybe you don’t like (or can’t afford!) real NFL jerseys. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock a playful jersey tee on game day!

To make these football jersey-inspired looks pop: layer and accessorize! (stay tuned, our next fashion piece will be 100 ways to make a football look cute and it will be filled with different accessory ideas!)

Layer a cardy or a drapey vest over vintage-inspired jersey tees for a new dimension! And throw on some hats, bracelets, scarves, big over-sized bags, and of course, a fabulous pair of fall hottest shoes!


Pretty Jerseys paired with sweatpant inspired crop pants and botties look sloppily stylish. Backlash at football games and parties for being too pretty (as if one could possibly be too pretty!) can be huge. This gives off the “not trying to hard vibe” while still being fashion forward and fun!


Ripped and torn jerseys are super hot and give a punk-edge to the look. Rock it out with some glam jewelry and studded leggings!


The crop top is back–hope you are prepared to bare your belly! (Not to sound Jersey Shore, but a spray tanned tummy helps big time!) Pair a cropped jersey with some suspender pants. Not comfy with showing some belly cleavage? Layer the crop top over a tank! The whole look is very early-1990’s/early- original-90210 but for some reason, that look is back so go with it and make it work!


Vintage inspired jersey tops are cute, cheeky and lots of fun. Show the world you are the Coach of Swagger or support Team Snoopy! Forget the Chicago Bears, go for the Bearenstein Bears!


These looks are designed for the ultimate fashionistas who love the hottest trends and like to stand out–in a good way. The looks are still casual enough for Game Day but transition well from tailgating at the daytime games, to heading out after for celebratory drinks!

This season it’s about the unique, drapey top! It’s cute and casual enough for game day, but stylish enough to satisfy your inner fashionista!  Slide into a pair of the season’s sassy clogs and you have a stylish outfit in minutes!


Back cleavage is ultra sexy and this season designers want everyone to be bringing sexy backs! From cut-outs to plunging neck back-lines, these tops are sexy, without being slutty or over-the top! The front is usually solid colored with very minimal details, very casual! And then the party is in the back!


Did you know that your favorite pink, sparkly, high heeled sports site has it’s own fashion line? Stiletto Sports Designs is full of great Game Day fashion tops. You can support your team and still look fabulous! Choose from the Collegiate Collection, the NFL Inspired Line or the fan favorite: Stiletto Bowl Collection!

Stay tuned! More great football fashion coming soon! Check out the Stiletto Sports Game Day Looks Archives for more great ideas. Also, Halftime Designs has a whole line of collegiate and NFL inspired tees that are super cute!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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