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When I told my friend I couldn’t hang out the other night because I was working on my “What to wear for March Madness” article she said, “Um, do you have to wear something special?”

Of course not!

But just becauase this big dance is all about basketball games, doesn’t mean the fashion has to be basketball jerseys and jeans!

In fact, since the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (aka March Madness) is colloquially called “The Big Dance” I thought it would be fun to find dresses and flirty fashion looks that were casual enough for game day, yet cute enough for fashionistas!

I will admit the number one march madness look is a college team jersey. Why? Well it shows team spirit AND girls look hot in jerseys! But I pair my one and only jersey with a short flippy, cheerleader inspired white skirt instead of jeans:

Don't I look cute? 🙂

But if you hate rocking  jerseys, check out these other March Madness inspired looks! Click on any photo to get ordering info!

My Super Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen Super Sweet mix-and-match pieces that are casual and fun. Comfy hoodies and flirty graphic tees and tanks make the perfect layered look. Pair them with cropped jeans or flirty skirts. Put away your stilettos (gasp!) and trade them for some spring inspired wedges, boldly colored flats or fashion athletic shoes! And don’t forget to accessorize!

Going Dancing!

Irony never goes out of style! Instead of focusing on the teams or the basketball theme of March Madness, highlight the dancing! A unique “dance with me” or even a DWTS tee with leggings and ballerina flats give a quirky, lighthearted spin to the tourney and basketball fashion! Guaranteed to make everyone smile! Oh and it’s a great excuse to add a pop of hot pink to the tourney!


Now, I couldn’t do a look for every team in the tourney (remember there are 64 teams…..) So I just picked a few for examples. The key to March Madness team looks is color palatte. You gotta rock the team colors! But just because your team is bright orange and blue, doesn’t mean you have to look like you dressed in the dark!

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

The Kansas Jayhawks are seeded No. 1 in the country and many fans (and experts) think that no other team can take them down this year. And I’m not just saying that becaue they are my personal favorite college team!

So how do you be a Rock Chalkin’ Jayhawks fan? Think red and blue. Think Dorothy. Think plaids.
I love the idea of wearing a red and blue plaid dress and adding a Victoria’s Secret Jayhawk’s sweatshirt over it when it gets chilly! VS also has cute tees with hearts all over them and in the hearts are the team logos.

Go Green! Go White!

The Michigan State Spartans took the 2009 Men’s Tournament by storm and became the Cinderella Story of the year. And what girl doesn’t love a good Cinderella story? Show your green and white spirit with a casual green sundress layered with a white cardigan. Super casual but the accessories really pull the look all together!

Hook ’em Horns!

Texas is all about going big and bold! And bright orange is about as bold as it can get! Ranked No. 8 this year, the Longhorns battle with No. 9 ranked Wake Forest is sure to be a great game! Show your team spirit in fashion forward casual look!

Go ‘Cuse!

Syracuse’s 6 overtime battle with UConn in the Big East Quarterfinal in 2009 was one of the best sports moments of the year. No, it wasn’t part of the actual March Madness tournament but it was still an amazing game! This year the Orangemen are seeded No. 1 and they are ready to win again!

Kentucky Wildcat

Show your inner Wildcat by supporting Kentucky in the tourney! I can’t say I’m a big UK fan, but I do love Coach John Calipari! These looks range from super casual to bold and in your face. The wild geo-metric design dress is sure to draw all eyes on you instead of the big screen!

Angelic Blue Devil

Forget Devilish! Show your blue blood with angelic looks like babydoll dresses and patent leather flats in Duke blue!

UNC Tar Heels

UNC’s arch rivals Duke may be the elite private university, but when I think of the Tar Heels, I think of preppy chic. I think baby blue and white stripes. I think argyle. Maybe because their basketball team is one of the most storied programs in the NCAA.
But… sadly….UNC did not make the tourney this year. For the first time, like, ever. But that’s no reason to not give love to the 2009 champs!

Stiletto Sports “I Watch Basketball….Players”

Looking for more great March Madness looks? Check out HalftimeDesigns by Stiletto Sports contributing writer Megan Wood

And coming ASAP, the Stiletto Sports Official March Madness looks!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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