Monday, March 25, 2019

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Rachel Alexandra became the first filly (aka female horse) to win the Preakness, one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. The Preakness is also the second leg of the coveted Triple Crown. Rachel Alexandra did not race in the first leg–the Kentucky Derby but she did run in the filly version of the race and totally blew away the competition. She is scheduled to run in the Belmont, the final leg of the Crown.
Mine that Bird, the winner of the Kentucky Derby came in second in the Preakness.

Magic Celtics Basketball

The Boston Celtics, the defending NBA Champs, will not be defending their title any longer this year. They fell to the Orlando Magic in Game 7, 101-82.

Twins Yankees Baseball
The Yankees had three walk-off home runs in a row. It means that they scored in the ninth or extra innings to win and were able to walk off the field without playing the whole game. Or something. This, apparently, is a very big deal.


Dancing with The Stars begins their finale Monday night! Gilles Marini, Melissa Rycroft and Shawn Johnson are the three stars that made it to the final dance-off for the coveted mirror-ball trophy.

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