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Going to make this really fast because there is  a lot to cover! This is one of the busiest weeks in sports!

Here’s the recap of all the things you need to know:


National Championship Title Game  is between Michigan State and UNC

The Road to the Final Four is over and Tip off is at 9:21 p.m. Monday, April 6 2009**2009-final-four3

  • No. 2 Michigan State defeated No. 1 UConn 82-73 to earn their spot
  • No. 1 UNC beat No. 3 Villanoa
  • The Final Four & Title Game are hosted at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, which is about an hour and a half away from Michigan State giving them a HUGE home court advantage. My on-scene correspondent has reported that there were about 70,000 Mich State fans packed into Ford on Saturday night and only about 7,000 “other guys.” And there were three other teams playing that night.
  • The Final Four games boasted the largest attendance ever in NCAA tourney history.

Key notes on the NCAA Tourney to date:

  • The Elite 8 was: Mich State, Louisville, UConn, Missouri, Villanova, Pittsburgh, UNC, Oklahoma
  • The Sweet 16 was: The same as Elite 8 PLUS… Memphis, Arizona, Kansas, Duke, Gonzaga, Xavier, Syracuse and Purdue.



It’s Opening Day 2009!

Baseball fans have been eagerly awaiting this day for months! Sure, they had spring training and the World Baseball Classic to pacify them for a little bit but really, does anyone care about those?

Important things:mlb-opening-day-logo

  • New Yankee Stadium
  • New Mets Stadium and swell new arm patch/logo!
  • Very expensive NY Yankee team. The paid a lot for their players and they ain’t too proud to tell ya all about it. All eyes are on them to see what happens in the new stadium—and if their money was well spent, or the worst financial disaster since well, our economy.
  • The Philadelphia Phillies: They won the World Series last year, how will their opening week of the 2009 season be?
  • The Tampa Bay Rays: The Cinderella Story of 2008. Will they keep the momentum in ’09?
  • The Chicago Cubs: Um, it’s been 101 years since they won the World Series. What are the chances they can do it now
  • Team to watch: The Oakland A’s

Player stuff:

  • Whatever you do, just don’t mention A-Rod anymore.
  • Ken Griffey, Jr is back with the Seattle Mariners! Maybe it will shoot some life into his old bones
  • Randy Johnson is the San Fransisco Treat. He takes over as the Giants’ pitcher and only need five wins to reach 300 in his career.
  • Gary Sheffield is a NY Met now. Everyone is hoping he hits the first homerun in the new stadium because that would send him into the 500 Home Run Club.



Regular Season Ends April 15!

The regular season ends on Tax Day. Who will make the cut?

Ya know, they really should consider moving the NBA playoffs so they don’t come immediately after March Madness. It’s a bit anti-climatic without the Selection Sunday drama, and the single round elimination. I mean, the playoffs are going to last until June. It’s freaking the second week of April. That’s a lot of  “important games.”

A lot will be decided this week. Who has best record in the leagues? Who are the “bubble teams” so to speak of the NBA.

  • The LA  Lakers are 1 game back from the Cleveland Caveliers for the best record in the NBA and home court advantage throughout the playoffs.
  • Chicago, Detroit and Charlotte are duking it out for the 7th and 8th playoffs spots in the East.

basketball-hall-of-fameMichael Jordan, John Stockton and David Robinson were inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame

Personally, I think it’s crap that Stockton and Robinson were inducted with Jordan. There should be a Michael Jordan Day and celebration in his honor. Now if it was an induction to MLB or PGA, then sure, other people are totally welcome to be be co-honorees!

Others, however, do not agree with me on that. I was told: “If they made this year just for him, I think it would kind of suck to tell two all-time great players, “sorry you have to wait til next year, we want Mike to have his day.”

True. But they could have TWO induction ceremonies this year!



nascar-logo3Cars went in circles. Someone came in first.

Actually, it was pretty exciting. Okay, well I didn’t actually watch it, I mean, there was an ANTM marathon on. But I heard about it!

Jeff Gordan won the Texas 500! Gordan went winless last season, much to the dismay of this fans. But he’s back now! His teammate Jimmy Johnson came in second.

While we are on this topic of cars going fast, does anyone else not understand how “Fast and Furious” is different from “The Fast and The Furious?” I mean, I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider “The” as part of the title when alphabetically organizing my movies. “The Notebook” comes after “Maid in Manhattan,” not between “The Italian Job” and  “The Princess Diaries”

Why didn’t they just call it “The Fast And the Furious V,” or whatever number they are up to?



the-masters-logoIt’s Opening Day of The Masters Tournament!

Okay, first, I swear, golf is not as boring as it appears. Sometimes I even rank it higher on the fun scale than watching baseball on TV. Definitely higher than Bowling and Billiards—all of which my father forced me to watch while growing up.

I like The Masters. It’s classy and they get those snazzy green jackets when they win. Hot!

  • The Masters are played at Augusta, National which is one of the most exclusive and coveted greens in the country.
  • Trevor Immelman: He got his green coat last year and is hoping for another.
  • Tiger Woods. Do I really need to say anything about him?



nhlThe Regular Season Ends April 12

A lot will be decided this week. Who has best record in the leagues? Who are the “bubble teams” so to speak of the NBA. Er…. I mean, the NHL.

Yup, hockey’s gearing up for their postseason too. Unfortunately, my hockey correspondent just had a new baby and is a little bit busy helping Mommy and the babies so I don’t have any insider info into hockey yet. Hopefully by the end of the week I can paint you a picture!

I do know that the Montreal Canadians are battling for their spot in Stanley Cup race.



It’s Week 5! Nine dancers remain and this week they take on The Paso Doble or the Viennese Waltz–two of my favorite don-ces!

**And, to my great delight, the show ends at 9:32 tonight so it doesn’t conflict with the NCAA tournament! Oh, and just for reference, One Tree Hill is not new tonight so there is no DVR conflict! Yay!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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