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my favorite unique gift from

my favorite unique gift from

Why to go to a live football game

1. Tailgating. No one parties like football fans in a parking lot! BYOB, grills, food and music and settle in for hours of fun. If you are lucky, you get so buzzed you don’t even realize you are at a football game! (Kidding, I swear!)

2. You can have your face painted!

3. You can scream like a maniac and take out all your anger by beating the crap out of the person next to you, and everyone would just cheer you on!

Yeah…that’s all I have, unless you are lucky enough to live in a year-round warm weather climate. The whole sitting outside in the freezing cold and snow to watch a bunch of men beat the crap out of each other negates any other positive I may come up with! 🙂 More than willing to hear your thoughts though!

Oh who am I trying to fool? Forget #2 & #3, #1 is really the main reason to go to a game! Tailgating has become America’s Favorite Pasttime. Forget the actual game! (I know I did when I tried to tailgate all day and then watch the game!) I always knew that football fans are well, fanatical, about tailgating but it has become a down right obsession. And for good reason! describes it as “It’s the last great American neighborhood  – the tailgating neighborhood.  Where no one locks their doors, everyone is happy to see you and all are together sharing fun, food and football!”

Their site, and so many others, are dedicated to the pursuit of perfect tailgating! From fan gear to unique accessories, recipes to how-to tips Tailgating America along with Tailgatingideas have everything you need to make your day at the game, a winner. (ok that was cheesy even by my standards. Sorry, not enough coffee yet!)

Head to Google and type in “tailgating” you will be amazed at what you find!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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2 Responses

  1. Akirah Said,

    I’ve never tailgated before. But I do enjoy going to football games. The excitement and energy is so intense. I probably should try tailgating sometime though. Maybe next season. It’s way to cold in Pittsburgh now.

    Posted on December 20th, 2008 at 11:40 pm

  2. newfanatic Said,

    even high school football fans take tailgating to extremes! lyk at my high school, but it is a lot of fun

    Posted on August 16th, 2009 at 3:40 pm

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