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Welcome back to Ask Stiletto Sports Jen! Here I try to answer the burning questions that my readers have–at least according to my googles, or search terms!
The F.A.Q Forum is pretty long so feel free to use the links to jump to the section that you want to read about! And don’t forget to check out the March Madness and Football F.A.Q.! There were so many questions that we had to create separate posts!

In most answers I try to provide a link to one of my posts to give you further info on the topic. Feel free to shoot me a comment or email me at princessJennifer AT stilettoSETsports DOT com if you have a question that you need to have answered! Or, just google it and come to my site!

The F.A.Q. Forum

NBA Basketball All-Star Sneakers
Other Fun Facts & Googles
Recipe Googles


Q: What are some baseball terms to know?:

04_baseball-softball_wordart_sampleStiletto Jen: Bat. Ball. Hit. Strike. If you want to get really fancy-schmancy check out Girl’s Guide to Baseball: The Terms to Know
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Q: Weird baseball terms

Stiletto Jen: Around the horn, Baltimore Chop, brushback, can of corn, choke up, pepper, pickle, infield fly rule, hot stove….. baseball has a ton of weird things! Gimme a few days and I should have the advance terms up in a guide!

Q: Guides for baseball for beginners:

Stiletto Jen: From the basics and the key terms to the players/positions and guides for the World Series you can find all you need to know at The Complete Girl’s Guide to Baseball.

Q: What girls should know about baseball:

Stiletto Jen: It’s not as boring as you would think! It is the Great American Pasttime. Check out my Top 10 Reasons That Hitting a Ball With a Stick is Actually Fun and Top 10 Reasons to go to a Live Game

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Q: There’s Only One October:

Stiletto Jen: This refers to the MLB postseason which dominates most of October. There was a great ad campaign for the postseason that boasts “There’s Only One October.”

Q: Baseball postition illustration

Stiletto Jen: Is it just me or does that just sound naughty? Unfortunately, the answer really isn’t! But we do have a Guide to Baseball Positions. And I do call it, Nine Guys + Nine Positions = Loads of fun.

Q: What is the new Yankees logo for 2009?

It’s actually the patch that will be on the uniforms to commemorate the new stadium.

Q: What is the new Mets logo for 2009?mets-logo-2009

This is another patch, like the Yankees one, that will be on the uniforms to commemorate the new stadium. This one, however, sucks.

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Q: Disney baseball movies:

Stiletto Sports: Disney does tend to dominate the sports movies, don’t they? I’ve even made some observations about sports movies and their correlation with Disney. My three faves are The Sandlot (I think that it’s Disney…) The Rookie and Angels in the Outfield. Check them out in my baseball movie guides.

Q: Signed baseball that goes over fence?

Stiletto Jen: The Sandlot. In the Disney film the boys knock a baseball over the fence into the neighbor’s yard with a monster dog. The ball was signed by Babe Ruth. Oops!

Q: Where do baseball players hang out in Ft Myers, Florida

Stiletto Jen: I’m not really sure but I can ask my friends Juliana, Dan and Jason if you really want to know. But,  spring training is over the Red Sox are back in Boston! I’ll try to find out before next year! As for the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, I’ve seen them many times at Rasher Tierney’s in B’town.

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Basketball: NBA All-Stars

A lot of the googling had to do with the sneakers from the All-Star game. People were looking to know the hottest kicks from the East and the West and the limited player editions put out for the games. Here are the lists that I made during All-Star Weekend to give a rundown of the past, present and future of the hottest sneakers on the court.

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Q: What were the shoes that J.R. Smith wore in the 2009 dunk competition”

Stiletto Jen: Nike Zoom Flight Clubs. They were baby blue!

Q: What are KrytoNate Flightclubs?

Stiletto Jen: Actually, they are Nike Foamposite Lites, not Flightclubs. In the 2009 All-Star Game Slam Dunk Contest, Nate Robinson took on the alter-ego of KryptoNate to bring down SuperMan Dwight Howard. Nike produced a Player Exclusive Edition of the Foamposite sneakers called the KryptoNates especially for the event. They are lime green and HOT! You can seem at The 2009 NBA All Star Flight Club of Sneakers

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Q: Are there Pink Hyperdunks?

Stiletto Jen:Yup!  They are a special limited edition collection made in honor of the late Kate Yow to help support Breast Cancer research. Michael Cooper wore them in the Skills Challenge.

hyperpink1Q: What sneaker team is Rashard Lewis on?

Stiletto Jen: Um….is that supposed to mean something? I would love to be on a sneaker team! Here’s what I have: Rashard Lewis plays for the team: Orlando Magic. Or he plays for the Nike team because he rocks the Hyperdunks.

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Q: Who is basketball player East Coast NBA?

Stiletto Jen: Well that’s a bit vague, don’t you think! I mean, there are only like 15 Eastern Conference teams full of players to choose from.  Technically I guess only about 7 of those would really be “East Coast.”

A few guesses:

  • Boston: Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen
  • Miami: Dwayne Wade
  • Cleveland: LeBron James

Or….maybe a player from the 2009 East Coast All-Star Game Roster?
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Q: What were LeBron James Las Vegas All-Star shoes?

Stiletto Jen: Nike Zoom LeBronIV All-Star Las Vegas, check them out at Sneaker Files
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Q: What sneaker did Scottie Pippen wear in 1996?

Stiletto Jen: Not sure but he wore these red shoes in 1994 that caused much hoopla.

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More basketball Googles

Q: What is the oh oh oh oh oh oh basketball theme?

heart-basketball1Stiletto Jen: I have absolutely no idea what this person was trying to hum on google but I would love to know!

I did find a really cool performance of “Roundball Rock” which is pretty much the NBA theme song. It’s at least as recognizable  as the NCAA March Madness on CBS theme! This video shows the original  composer, John Tesh, talking about the unique way he came up with the song and features a A life performance of Roundball Rock with an orchestra. Really Cool!
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Q: Who is NBA star player for Orlando?

Stiletto Jen: Dwight Howard. J.R. Smith also reps for the Magic.

Q: Who has the best shake and bake in NBA?

Stiletto Jen: I’m going to go with Nate Robinson, aka Kryptonate.
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Q: What should girls know about basketball/girl’s guide to going to a basketball game

Stiletto Jen: I’m still working on my Girl’s Guides to Basketball but here are some key things!

  1. There is nothing hotter than watching a guy sink a really pretty 3-point shot
  2. There is nothing hotter than watching a guy slam dunk a basketball
  3. It gets even hotter when hotties brothers play on same team together
  4. NBA players make mad money.

Just kidding. Sorta.
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Q: Who are the 2009 Lakers Starting 5?

Stiletto Jen: There have actually been 8 different starting lineups as of April 1st. The key three are almost always Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and  Derek Fisher. The other two are mix and match with Andrew Bynum (now injured), Lamar Odom, Luke Walton and Vladamir Radmonovic–but they traded him to Charlotte.
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Q: What are some inspirational basketball movies?

Stiletto Jen: Coach Carter, Hoop Dreams, Hoosiers, The Pistol. And who doesn’t feel better after The Air Up There or White Men Can’t Jump? For a complete list, check out my movie list, Basketball Movies for People Who Love “The Shake And Bake”
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Q: Is basketball a fascinating sport?

Stiletto Jen: Yup.

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Funny Googles and Facts

Q: Soundtrack Stiletto 2002

Stiletto Jen: I would love my own soundtrack! As far as I know there were none in 2002. The movie Stiletto came out in 1969 and their song was “Sugar in the Rain.” In 2001, there was a movie called The Stiletto Dance.

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Q: Stiletto Jen pics:

Stiletto Jen: I’m quite flattered! There were quite a few people wanting to check me out! I have added my photo to the About Me section.

Q: Barbie’s 50th anniversary stilettos

Stiletto Jen: That was just a tease. I found no evidence that Barbie has made real life stilettos!
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Q: What were the sneakers that Will wore in Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

fresh-prince-of-bel-air-sneakersStiletto Jen: Actually, the really interesting thing isn’t what he used to rock on his feet—it’s what fans of the show will get to start rocking come May 17th. Puma has been in the works to release a collection dedicated to Will’s Fresh Prince style. There are two different collections: the brightly colored flamboyant “West Philly” and the classy upscale gold “Bel-Air.”

Puma X–The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Collection

On the show, Will tended to wear the hottest and newest Jordans like the Infrared VI, Cardinal V, Shadow X, All Star XIs and the White/True Red IXs.  You can even see the Air Jordan V’s during the opening credits of the show when Will is spinning in the chair.

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Q: Curly haired sportsmen

Stiletto Jen: Yummy. They are my favorite!

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Q: Make your own stilettos

Stiletto Jen: Really?! You can make your own stilettos?! That’s so fun! Quite a few sites have actually launched their own “Design Your Own” sections from ShoesUsa to Steve Madden!
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And a few other of my fave googled names:  Joey McIntyre, David Cook, B.J. Armstrong, Daughtry pics

Anyone who knows me, knows that I ADORE Cook, Daughtry and Armstrong and have made it my mission to spread their names far and wide. And Joey was my first love. I will even admit that I’ve now seen him perform four different times over the years, I think. NKOTB concert in like ’89, Sunfest in college, at DWTS The Tour a few years ago—and another time too.

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Q: Superest game in the world!

Stiletto Jen: Beer Pong.


Q: First sport that a National Anthem was song at

Stiletto Jen: Baseball. Officially during the seventh-inning stretch of the 1918 World Series. Unofficially, historians claim that it was performed during the 1897 at opening day ceremonies in Philadelphia.

In 1898, they started playing “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Polo Grounds in New York City.

It was during World War II, that the anthem was performed at the start of every baseball game.

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Q: Do girl pro basketball players get paid?

Stiletto Jen: Yes, but their salaries are significantly lower than their male counterparts in the NBA.


Q: What is the real name of The Bachelorette in Dancing with the Stars?

Stiletto Jen: What, “Jason’s Jilted Ex” isn’t her real name? It’s Melissa Rycroft. Check out my complete profile and dancing recap of Melissa!

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Q: Girl from The Princess Diaries

Stiletto Jen: Anne Hathaway plays Mia Thermopolis Rinaldi, Princess of Genovia

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Q: Sullenburger Titanic

Stiletto Jen: Well……. that’s not very accurate. Captain Chelsey B. Sullenburger was the pilot that saved the lives of everyone when the plane when down in The Miracle on the Hudson in January. The Titanic is a boat that hit an iceberg and sank. But yes, there have been many inferences comparing the two events.

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Q: Ghost baseball crying movie?

Stiletto Jen: Okay, I’m going to have to guess on this one. Ghost is a movie staring Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoppi Goldberg but it has nothing to do with baseball at all. The baseball movie with the reference “there’s no crying in baseball” is A League of Their Own but there are no ghosts.

There is a ghost baseball movie that makes people cry. It’s called Field of Dreams.

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Q: Girl’s guide to bats

Stiletto Jen: I’m sorry, what? Bats like the flying rodents or baseball bats? Either way, at first I couldn’t figure out why on earth people were looking that up? But yeah, here is a guide to softball bats for potential buyers and stuff. It’s informative.

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Q: Why three strikes?

Stiletto Jen: Because any more than that and the game would seriously never, ever, ever end…..

Why They Sing “One, Two, Three Strikes, You’re Out”

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Q: At beginning of the Daytona 500 what does the announcer say?

Stiletto Jen: “Boogity, boogity, boogity! Let’s go racing boys!” Check out my Top Reasons to watch NASCAR to get the whole story!

Q: What do Redneck fans wear to NASCAR?

Stiletto Jen: Yeah, I’m sorry, I’ve actually made it my mission in life to help eradicate Redneck Fashion. I can not promote the usage of acid wash or mullets. But for some super cute fashion check out Track Couture.

Q: Why Should I Watch Cars Race?

Stiletto Jen: Still wondering that myself but I did make a Top 10 List that at least has me interested in checking it out!

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NASCAR Mullet Spotting

Stiletto Jen: Ah yes, the great spectator game of Mullet Spotting. Especially fabulous at NASCAR and Indy Car event since they still have a “redneck” connotation–despite years of trying to break down the stereotype and incorporate actual in-style fashion. However, Mullets tend to be a bit evasive and do not like people looking at them. They also get very violent when you take pictures. All of this adds to the game of Mullet Spotting.

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Recipe Googles

Apparently word is spreading that I’m a badass cook because my recipes are in hot demand!cupcakes-main_full2

Fabulous Super Bowl Snacks that work well for any party—especially a sports themed one!

Q: Stiletto Cocktail recipe

I’ve seen a few versions of this drink but have never tried them. It’s a lot like an Amaretto Sour and I definitely drank A LOT of those during Ladies’ Nights in college. Here are two different versions that sounded yummy!

1.5    Shots  Amaretto
0.75 Shot    Crème De Bananes
1 Shot    Orange Juice
1 Shot    Pineapple Juice
1 1/2 tsp Amaretto
1 1/2 oz Blended Whiskey
Juice of 1/2 Lemon

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