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ask-jenniferWelcome back to the Unofficial Ask Stiletto Sports Forum. For those of you that missed the first forums, let me fill ya in. I like to think of my  “googles” (aka keyword search terms), as my unofficial Ask Stiletto Sports Forum. I mean, people google things when they want answers, right? I feel it is my duty to try to answer my googles to the best of my ability!

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and research so I only do it once a month, if that. And this month, we had over 1600 different search terms. Obviously, not going to report on all them but I did pick out my faves.  There were still so many for college basketball and march madness that I decided to create it’s own special F.A.Q section!

In most of the Q&A I provide a link to one of my own articles to reference for more info and details. If you still have a burning question, shoot me a comment or an email and I’ll be happy to try to find the answer for you!

The F.A.Q. is long so if you don’t want to scroll through it all, just click on the link that most relates to your question.
The Stiletto Sports March Madness F.A.Q.


What is March Madness & other NCAA basketball stuff:

Q: 10 Reasons to watch NCAA

Stiletto Sports Jen: 1. Hot boys. 2. more Hot boys. Okay fine, I actually have 20 other reasons: 10 to watch NCAA and 10 to watch March Madness.

Q: What is March Madness?

college-basketballStiletto Sports Jen: It is the modernized term for the frenzy that sweeps the nation during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that typically runs from the middle of March until the first Monday in April. People become so immersed in the tournament, the brackets, the games, their side bets, and the players that it really does turn into madness. The first weekend of the tournament packs in 48 action packed games in only four days. Many end in buzzer-beating shots and overtime suspense.

For more about March Madness, see the Stiletto Sports Getting Ready for the Big Dance Guide

Also check out The Origins of the term March Madness
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Q: How many teams are selected for NCAA March Madness?

Stiletto Jen: 65. The 64th and 65th teams play each other to determine who will take the 64th place.

Q: Why do they have a wild card game in March Madness?

Stiletto Jen: The Wild Card, or “Play In” game determines the No. 64 team for the tournament. Personally, I think one year the Selection Sunday Panel were unable to pick between two teams for the final spot so they made the teams play to win. In reality, in 2001, the Mountain West Conference was added to the NCAA and rather then mess up their 64 team system, the bottom two teams have to play for it—kinda like the dance-off on DWTS.

For more about Selection Sunday and the Wild Card see the Stiletto Sports Getting Ready for the Big Dance Guide
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Q: What is the Cinderella Metaphor in March Madness about?dick-vitale-cinderella1

Stiletto Jen: Who doesn’t know the story of Cinderella–the ultimate underdog turned fairy princess who got to go to the Big Dance and got the prince? Sports are filled with Cinderella tales just hers–but especially in March Madness.  In sports, a “cinderella team” is the come from behind team that wows everyone. No one expects them to be great or fabulous, and suddenly, there they are, taking over the dance and stealing the guy. Um. I mean, winning games and taking down the Big Bad Wolves Teams with the better players and better records.

This year, I pick MSU as my March Madness Cinderella

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Q: Why is the name for the NCAA Tournament, The Big Dance  (also googled: what is the meaning of The Big Dance for March Madness)

Stiletto Jen: You know, I have no idea. It just is. I really had never thought about it till I saw this google.
It actually took me so long to find the answer that I had to do a post about it. Came up with a few theories of my own along the way but I also discovered who first coined the term! Want to know? You gotta read the post! Dancing with the NCAA: Why is it Called The Big Dance?

Q: In March Madness, what does “go dancing” mean?

Stiletto Jen: Teams get to “go dancing” when they secure their place in the tourney, aka The Big Dance. Some get their dance card with they win their Conference Championship. Others have to wait until Selection Sunday to get voted into the Big Dance Show that is March Madness. Also, as the rounds progress and build towards the National Championship, teams “go dancing” when they make it to the Final Four in the tourney.

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Q: How many games will be played in the Big Dance before a Champion is announced?

Stiletto Jen: The National Championship is the 65th game of the tournament, including the Wild Card/Play-in/Opening Round Game.
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Q: What are last 8 teams in the 2009 March Madness called?

Stiletto Jen:  The Elite 8. The teams for the 2009 Elite 8 were: UConn, Villanova, Michigan State, UNC, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Missouri.

Q: How many games do you have to win to get to the Elite 8?2009-final-four1

Stiletto Jen: Um. Well. Technically, you have to have a really good winning season to even get to March Madness. But if you are talking about the rounds in the tourney itself, teams have to win three games to get to the elite 8: Round 1 (The Sassy 64), Round 2 (Trendy and Tenacious Top 32) and the Sweet 16. The No. 64 ranked team had to win four games because they had to win the play-in game.
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Q: How many people watch the Elite 8 basketball games?

Stiletto Jen: A lot.
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Q: What are the last 4 teams in the 2009 March Madness called?

Stiletto Jen: The Final Four. The 2009 Final Four  are: UConn, Villanova, Michigan State and UNC.
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Q: Big Dance Sweet Sixteen Names 32

Stiletto Jen: Could I get that in the form of a question? Let’s see what I can do. Sweet 16 = the final 16 teams left in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, also known as The Big Dance. Round 2 of the tournament has 32 teams, but they do not have a cool nickname. I call it the Trendy and Tenacious Top 32. But it hasn’t caught on yet for the NCAA to trademark it.

Q: Has #16 ranked team ever won a March Madness game?

Stiletto Jen: Nope. No. 16 takes on the No. 1 and there has never been an upset. Though a lot of 16 seeds have come close.

Q: What is the number of fouls that puts NCAA basketball into the double bonus?

Stiletto Jen: Teams hit the double bonus at 10 fouls. From 7-10 they shoot one-and-one, meaning if they make the first free throw, they get to try for another. If the miss the first, they are done. In the double bonus, they shoot two free throws even if they shoot an airball on the first. For more NCAA rules and details please see Girl’s Guide to Basketball: The NBA vs. NCAA

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Q: Teams to watch NCAA basketball?

Stiletto Jen: Can’t go wrong with UNC, Duke, Oklahoma, Louisville, Memphis—er, I guess I should say Kentucky now….. And this year, Michigan State has definitely been the team to watch.


All About the Players and Coaches

Q: Things college basketball players should know:

Stiletto Jen: If you tell a girl you play ball, she will automatically think you are hotter than she did 10 seconds ago.
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Q: Sexiest, cutest, most attractive, hottest, physically attractive, sexy, college basketball players of NCAA march madnesschris-kramer-purdue-21

Stiletto Jen: That wasn’t the actual google, that was just the mix of all of the different googled variations about good looking college basketball players. I am sad to report that I never had a chance to do a piece about NCAA as a whole, but I did pick my hotties of the tournament! I have a huuuuge crush on Mr. Chris Kramer from Purdue and think he is F-I-N-E. A big YUM to Blake Griffin!

My Super Sweet 16 Hotties of March Madness

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Q: Who are the top NCAA basketball players of 2009/top 10 college basketball players in country 2009

Stiletto Jen: Ask 10 different fans, 10 different analysts and 10 different sports writers and you will get 30 different answers to that question. This year, it’s almost unanimous across the board that Blake Griffin is the Player of the Year–even to anti-Oklahoma fans. After that, the Top 25 tends to get a little muddled. The same players will show up on everyone’s list, just ranked differently. College Hoops has a great ranking system and a really useful list to reference. Here is their Top 10 picks.

  1. Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
  2. Tyler Hansbrough, UNC
  3. James Harden, Arizona State University
  4. Stephen Curry, Davidson
  5. Ty Lawson, UNC
  6. Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
  7. Hasheem Thabeet, UConn
  8. DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh
  9. Jordan Hill, Arizona
  10. Jeff Teague, Wake Forest

A few more: Sherron Collins, Kansas; Jodie Meeks, Kentucky; Darren Collison, UCLA; Kyle Singler, Duke; Gerald Henderson, Duke; Tyreke Evans, Memphis; Kalin Lucas, Michigan State. For the complete breakdown and their picks for Top NBA Prospects, check out
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Q: Who are the best college basketball players that you haven’t heard of?

Q: Stiletto Jen: Glad you asked. I actually did a piece about this for The Bleacher Report back in January. By now, though, some of these players have made a name for themselves but, it’s still a pretty good list.

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Q: Crazy name college basketball player 2009:

Stiletto Jen: Who is…. Arinze Onuaku? Or who is…. the entire team from Robert Morris with names like Bateko Francisco, Mezie Nwigwe , Ifeanyi Ehirim, and Khalif Foster? Announcers were praying they wouldn’t advance too far in the tourney.

Q: Who is Tyler hansbrough’s sister?

Stiletto Jen: This is a trick question! He does not have a sister! Tyler has a brother named Ben who plays NCAA basketball also. But he plays for Notre Dame I believe.

Q: Who is Blake Griffin Dad?

Stiletto Jen: Tommy Griffin. Tommy coached both Blake and his older brother Taylor in high school basketball in Oklahoma.
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Q: Wayne Ellington is hot

Stiletto Jen: Yes, yes he is. I even picked him as a Bonus Pick on my Hottie Team.

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Q :Who is the college basketbal player with crazy curly hair:


Stiletto Jen: I’m going to go with Matt Bouldin from Gonzaga. He has the best mop of hair!

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Q: Kyle Mcalarney shirtless pic

Stiletto Jen: Oh yummy! He is delish! I couldnt’ find him without a shirt but I found some really hot shots!



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tiffara-steward-ncaaQ: Who is the 4’6 college girl basketball player?

Stiletto Jen:  Tiffara Steward from Farmingdale State University in New York.

Besides being veritcally challenged for basketball, Tiffar is also blind in her right eye, has 50% hearing loss in both ears, has severe scoliosis–her spine is not fully fused since she was born very premature and only weighed 2 pounds–and she has a discrepancy in her legs.

But none of this held her back from becoming a huge star of her team and an inspiration to people all over the world.

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Q: Rick Pitino Christopher Walken



Stiletto Jen: Yes, Christopher Walken would be a great choice to play Pitino in the Disney production of  Louisville basketball.

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Q: Bracket guide by mascot

Stiletto Jen: Ah yes, the beloved mascotology approach to brackets. I created quite a few guides for the tournament to help you do NCAA tournament picks by color and mascots. I’ve listed the guides next to some of my favorite FAQ er, I mean Googles.

Q: What is Rock Chalk Jayhawk Mascot

Stiletto Jen: Kinda answered your own question there…. the Jayhawk is the Rock Chalk mascot! Rock Chalk, Jayhawk belongs to Kansas University. The live action mascots names are Big Jay and Baby Jay.
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Q: LSU Clemson Memphis Missouri are all Tigers [so what do I do!?!??!?!??!]

Stiletto Jen: Yes they are! Have no fear, we actually covered this topic in Mascotology: What happens when a Memphis Tiger meets a Missouri Tiger! Mascotologists have special means for determining the winner of those kind of mind-stumping match-ups.  (oh yeah, and I totally added that part in the brackets of the googled question, could you tell? )
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Q: Kansas Jayhawk Picku-jayhawk1

Q: What the hell is Rock Jock Jayhawk Chant?

Stiletto Jen: It’s actually “Rock Chalk Jayhawk.” It’s the frenzied chant by the fans of Kansas University used to taunt the other teams.

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Q: What are the Kansas Jayhawk Rock Chalk Lyrics

Stiletto Jen: “Rock chalk… Jay-Hawk… KU” They sing it twice veeerrrry slooooowwwlly. Then three times really quick building momentum and frenzy

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Other random facts

Q: NCAA baby ESPN guy

Stiletto Jen: Dick Vitale. Even if the google was not in the form of a question–nor was it even really a complete thought—I have read the Dick Vitale dictionary and am able to decipher such encrypted messages.
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Q: Big Dance Best Cinderella Team Ever

Stiletto Jen: Oooohhhh tough call! Great question! It’s hard to say because every year, there always seems to be a team that breaks out and stuns us all—and makes us love them. And to choose, well, that’s like pitting the Disney Princesses against each other and asking who is the fairest of them all!

But I asked around and was told that it probably has to go to Villanova in 1985. Yeah, they were from the Big East so some don’t count that as Cinderella, but hey, I just argued that MSU is 2009’s Cinderella and they are Big 10 and a No. 2 seed.
In 1985, ‘Nova was a No. 8 seed and they went up against reigning champs Georgetown. G’Town Hoyas had only lost 2 games all year and were boasting their big man Patrick Ewing. It looked like a sure thing. But the Villanova Wildcats won the game and to this day, they are they lowest ranked team to ever have won the National Championship.

Also on the list of Best Cinderella’s are NC State in 1983-83, Kansas in 1988, Gonzaga in 1999. But that is for another day!
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Q: Awesome basketball shot March Madness 2009:

Stiletto Jen: Again we may have to give this to Villanova. Scottie Reynold’s buzzer beating shot advanced ‘Nova over bracket favorite Pittsburgh in the Elite 8.
Another amazing shot during the tourney was from Missouri’s Marcus Denom. Sure, it was a (more than) half-court buzzer beater shot. But, the 65 foot three pointer came as they were heading into halftime, not the end of the game. But I’m sure it hurt Memphis no matter when it was shot!

I’m going to refrain picking my shot until it’s all over!
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Q: Mario Chalmers 3-pointer

Stiletto Jen: …came in the 2008 National Championship game between Kansas and Memphis. Chalmer’s three-pointer with 2.1 seconds  remaining, sent the game into OT. KU went on to win,  75-68,  giving them their first championship in a long time. I should know, I’ve liked them for 15 years and for 15 years they have come close only to fall apart come tourney time.

Watch the Mario Chalmers shot on YouTube

Q: Stiletto website girls NCAA tournament:

Stiletto Jen: Hey! That’s me! Stiletto Sports! Yay!

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Q: What is the point system for college basketball brackets?

Stiletto Jen: Um. No idea. I just filled out a whole lot, was rocking out on them and then came the Sweet 16. All I know is my  brackets went to hell in a handbasket  quicker than Mario Chalmers can shoot a three (or in girl speak, quicker than Julianne can shake those hips).

Well actually, I do know a little. I know that each round has a certain point value per game. Say, Round 1, you get 2 points for every team you guess right. Then in Round 2, you get 5 points for every team you guessed right. The Sweet 16 would be like 10 points per team, and so on. The points go up, the closer you get to the championship.
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Q: How to pick NCAA brackets girls

Stiletto Jen: First I will refer you to Advanced Bracketology which gives some of the most common methods for filling out brackets. I also recommend The Stiletto Sports Official Rulebook for Team Selection aka “the picks” which also helps when it comes down to the intense match-ups. Personally, I use a method that incorporates Mascotology, School Color-ology, and Hot Boy Factor.
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Q: What are the do’s and don’t of brackets?

Stiletto Jen: We covered this question during Bracketology 101: The Do’s and Don’t of Brackets.
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Q: What are the odds of guessing all of the elite eight teams in the brackets:

Stiletto Jen: Eh…. well, the odds of guessing every single team in the 64 team bracket is 9.2 quintillion to 1. So, guessing the Elite 8 is less than that. Ugh, I haven’t had to do a mathematical permutations like this in like, 10 years. If you are picking from the Sweet 16 teams that have already been determined, there are 256 possible combinations to create your Elite 8.
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Q: 65 top teams in order of ranking in march madness

Stiletto Jen: I didn’t really rank them like that. I broke it down by match up per region: East, West, South, Midwest.

For a ranking of the 2009 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, head to CBS Sports.
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Q: “what are the odds that any div. 1 school will make it into the tournament A 1-16 seed will make it to the sweet sixteen..a sweet sixteen team will make it to the elite eight….and elite eight team will make it to the final four”

Stiletto Jen: No joke, someone actually typed all of that into google

And apparently got me. I’m sorry to say, I don’t have a freaking clue and my advice would be, head to your local high school and ask the kids in the senior math Probabily & Statistics class. They would LOVE this kind of problem—plus that kind of math is right in the top of their young brains and ready to be utilized.
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About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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