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Last night was American Idol’s Top 13 Performances! The group picked from the Michael Jackson Songbook—love him or hate him there is no denying the musical past and skills of the King of Pop!

i-love-idolYesterday I did a post about my insights (a bit delayed) into the contestants before their Top 13 performance. And then last night, I had a blast tweeting with everyone about their performances on Twitter! As I watched the show, I copied my tweets into a new blog post and added any other first impressions I could think of!
Here are my semi-coherent insights and thoughts!
*I did post some videos on here, some to show you the wardrobing style and some because they were so fab! But they are from YouTube and may get deleted! For all performances, see American

The Top 13

Lil Rounds
Song Choice: “The Way You Make me Feel”
HATED her version. It is one of my fave Jackson songs and I didn’t like the bluesy tone and didn’t think her voice was working with her at all on it. Just not the right song for me, for her. The judges loved her which made me think I was crazy but my girls on Twitter agreed with me!

But I thought she looked fab and LOVED her shirt despite all the haters. It actually was prettyfashion forward–not 80s prom dress or southern Bridesmaid from hell—like some tweeters commented! I think she’ll do fine this week though and think she will totally kill it next week

Scott MacIntyre
Song Choice: Keep the Faith
I agree with Randy & Simon–thought it was safe and a bit blah. Good, but blah! His piano skills were just sick but I wished the song had a little more power or emotion to tie me to him.

Danny Gokey
Song Choice: P.Y.T
danny-gokey-glassesTo quote myself from twitter “I really wanted to like Danny Gokey tonight because I love him but huh. huh. That was weird. Great vocals though!”
I do love him and think his voice is just sick! but the actual song….yet I am still a bit perplexed. Just didn’t really feel that song.
I am however, LOVING his style! Those glasses were hot

Michael Sarver
Song Choice: You Are A Not Alone
I really liked it! I wouldn’t download it and listen to it every day or anything. But I thought he did a great job and was clearly loving it which made me love it!
Totally agree with Simon! Not the best vocalist but his passion and love came through and he sang the hell out of that!

Jasmine Murray
Song Choice: “I’ll be There”
*Sigh* Just didn’t feel it. Had potential but it just didn’t feel right. Felt a bit flat and without passion

Kris Allen
Song Choice: Remember the Times
kris-allen-guitarSo so so so sad! I Love him. I love the song. I love boys playing guitar (see My Love For David Cook  & Daughtry). However, I did not love anything about this performance. If it is possible to be karaoke while playing guitar, he did it.
I was also horribly creeped out by Paula Abdul declaring Kris “adorable sexy”–even though he is. (I have also been asked to mention that “adorable sexy” is not grammatically correct. It should be adorably sexy)
Oh, and I totally agree with Simon–even if he was kidding—that Kris shouldn’t have showcased the wife in a video so early! It’s like Daughtry! Totally crushing! Hot musicians are not supposed to be married damnit!

Allison Iraheta
Song Choice: “Give into me”
(just the song, not video of performance but it’s good!)

This girl is just ridiculous! She could skip Idol and just make an album already and head on tour! And she’s only 16! I can’t say enough great things about her without gushing like a total idiot! My only critique is that it did sound a lot like her other song “Alone” but hey, that’s not a bad thing since that was badass too! I am not going to throw down and say I want her to win —because I feel it is far worse to win and be forced to produce a crap record then to come in oh, say, third or fourth and put out a really freaking good one—but I want her in my Top 3!

Anoop Desai & Jorge Nunez
Ok, so I was in my kitchen making dinner while these two sang and only heard the performances, I didn’t actually see them. But I found them so lackluster and flat to my ears that I didn’t even bother watching it back on the DVR. Very boring and blah–and in Anoop’s case cheesy as hell—which I think is a shame because I really liked both contestants.

Megan Joy Corkrey
Song Choice: Rockin’ Robin
Quoting myself from Twitter again: “MAKE HER STOP! Rockin Robin? WTF was that? She took Rockin Robin and beat the poor thing to death! I can not figure out what was up with that song choice! Totally didn’t fit her personality”
And before I dig farther, Simon jumped in and vocalized exactly what I was thinking with the quote of the night:

“What a stupid song choice! Vocals weren’t very good. Dancing was verging on ridiculous….If this was the first time anybody had seen this person without all the hype and you were the great hope for american idol they would think we’d all gone completely mad.”

If I didn’t make myself clear in yesterday’s post, I DO NOT LIKE HER.

Adam Lambert
Me: “WOW. He rocked the hell outta “Black or White!” That was original and JUST SICK! He was da bomb dogg!” I totally agree that he could go and drop an album right now and be #1.
For some reason, I still don’t heart him. Me, the girl who worships Daughtry and Cook and is a adam-lambert-black-or-whitesecret rocker at heart. I think it’s the rock image styling that’s going on. It’s a little too cliche and over the top for me. I said it yesterday—not a a fan of the uber-black attire–and it was nice to see the blue tonight but still felt like 80’s rocker. I know it’s an image but it turns me off. I would totally love him if he found his own style and not a played out over-stereotyped cliche,

Matt Giraud
Song Choice: “Human Nature”
It started great. I was totally wowed because I just didn’t expect him to be good. I found myself holding my breath the whole time hoping that it wouldn’t go flat! And it  just got better and better. His falsetto was a total shock and impressive. His piano skills were hot!
It really sucks that he came after Adam because I really enjoyed his performance and I think the judges would have been wowed if he was earlier in the show.

Alexis Grace
Song Choice: Dirty Diana
alexis-grace-necklace“DAMN! Just like Adam she rocked the hell out of that song! I don’t even know that song but I was definitely feeling her.” What did Kara say? Alexis is “Naughty but I liked it!” Thought she looked fabulous and totally want the necklace! I think the judges came down hard on her. I think her attitude made that song totally work for her and I was very impressed! Stupid Adam ruined it for everyone else!

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Most photos were from Rickey.Org—a FABULOUS reality blog! Check it out!

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