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The teams for the NCAA 2009 Tournament have been released and millions are frantically trying to perfect their brackets!

I have broken down the teams into their regions and matchups to help you compare to make your own brackets! And if you are interested in joining my free online bracket pool, head to Stiletto Sports NCAA Brackets on Yahoo Sports! Free to join and no experience needed! Pick you teams based on your fave colors, mascots and vacation spots!

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The West Region

I have broken the teams down by First Round matchups, in order by ranking per region. Each matchup gives the game date and location as well as the info on the teams, their ranks, their overall record of wins/losses for the season, conference info and a bunch of key facts and figures! But please bear with me while I finish compiling the lists and organizing the data! Some of the schools are missing data but will be up asap! Check back soon!


#1 UConn (27-4)uconn

  • Big East
  • Location: Storrs, Conn
  • Mascot: Huskies
  • School Colors: National Flag Blue and White
  • Song:” UConn Husky”
  • Coach: Jim Calhoun
  • Players:
  • Big Name Alumni: Ray Allen, of the Boston “Three-Party” Celtics

#16 Chattanooga (18-16)chattanooga-mocs-scrappy

  • Southern Champs
  • Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Mascot: Mocs.
  • School Colors: Navy. Old Gold and Silver (who says you can’t rock silver and gold together!)
  • Coach: John Shulman
  • Players:
  • What the hell is a Moc?: Are the imitation Crocs? Because I freaking hate Crocs, ugliest things on creation. The Mocs have a really long history. They used to be the Moccasins and the mascot included a shoe (ugly yes, scary, no) and a cartooned version of Cherokee Chief Moccanagoo. Then people got all upset with the ethnical implications and Chatt became the Mocs with Scrappy the Moc as it’s official mascot. Apparently a Moc is a mockingbird who can operate a train.


#2 Memphis (31-3)memphis-tigers

  • Conference USA Champs
  • Location: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Mascot: Tigers
  • School Colors: blue & grey (which I find odd. How do you have blue and grey tigers?)
  • Coach: John Calipari (!)
  • Players:
  • Biggest Rival: Louisville
  • Claim to Fame: They made it to the Final Four last year and into the Championship game where they lost to Kansas.
  • Fun Fact: They have a live Bengal tiger as a mascot! He appears at football games. Well, actually, he died in October. But still, pretty cool.

#15 CSU Northridge (17-13)csu-northridge

  • Big West Champs
  • Location: Northridge, California (CSU = Cal Stat U)
  • Mascot: Matadors
  • School Colors: Red, Black, White
  • Coach: Bobby Braswell
  • Players:
  • Claim to Fame: The campus. You may recognize it! It’s been on the big screen during The Karate Kid, Legally Blonde 2, Van Wilder, Bring it On Again, “The Office” and many more!


#3 Missouri (28-6)missouri

  • Big 12 Champs
  • Location: Columbia, Missouri
  • Mascot: Tigers
  • School Colors: Old Gold and Black
  • Nickname: Mizzou
  • Coach:  Mike Anderson
  • Arch Rival: Kansas

#14 Cornell (21-9)cornell-big-red

  • Ivy League Champs
  • Location: Ithaca, NY
  • Mascot: Big Red (apparently, from looking at the logo, Big Red is a scary Teddy Bear)
  • School Colors: Carnelian Red and White
  • Coach: Steve Donahue
  • Players:
  • Funny Facts and Eegends: “According to legend, if a virgin crosses the Arts Quad at midnight, the statues of Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White will walk off their pedestals, meet in the center of the Quad, and shake hands, congratulating themselves on the chastity of the University.” -Wikipedia


#4 Washington (25-8)washington

  • Pac-10
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Mascot: Huskies
  • School Colors: Purple and Gold
  • Coach: Lorenzo Romar
  • Claim to Fame: The Huskies like to take credit for the invention of the ultimate crowd reaction “The Wave.” Rumored to have been created in October 1981 in a game against Stanford.

#13 Mississippi State (23-12)miss-state-bulldogs

  • SEC Champs
  • Location: Starkville, Mississippi
  • Mascot: Bulldogs
  • School Colors: Maroon And white
  • Coach: Rick Stansbury
  • Famous Alumni: Big Name Author John Grisham!


#5 Purdue (24-9)purdue-boilermakers

  • Big Ten
  • Location: West Lafayatte, Indiana
  • Mascot: Boilermakers
  • What is a Boilermaker?: It’s actually an old slang term for engineering. Pretty interesting story
  • School Colors: Old Gold and Black
  • Coach: Matt Painter
  • Players:

#12 Northern Iowa (23-10)norhtern-iowa

  • Missouri Valley Champs
  • Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Mascot: Panthers. The actual mascot, TC (The Cat) Panther is award winning. But I have no idea what awards.
  • School Colors: Purple and Old Gold
  • Claim to Fame: Been ranked “best in the Midwest” by the Princeton Review a lot
  • Coach: Ben Jacobson
  • Players:
  • Fun Tradition: ” The UNI campanile comes alive Friday night of Homecoming week each year. At the stroke of midnight, students flock around the tower to sneak a kiss from a long time lover or someone you just met.” Wikipedia


#6 Marquette(24-9)marquette-logo

  • Big East
  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconisn (Hmm…once again surprised. Always thought they were a southern college too).
  • Mascot: Golden Eagles
  • School Colors:  blue and gold
  • Coach: Buzz Williams
  • Players:

#11 Utah State** (30-4)utah-state-aggies

  • ** Not to be confused with Utah, who is also in the tourney
  • WAC Champs (Western Athletic Conference not like “yo, these are Wack Champs”)
  • Location: Logan, Utah
  • Mascot: Aggies
  • What the heck is an Aggie?: See Texas A & M below…. Utah State used to be an agricultural school back in the day.
  • School Colors: Navy Blue and White
  • Coach: Stu Morrill
  • Fun Fact: Utah State has it’s very own ice cream called Aggie Ice Cream! It comes in 26 flavors and… is the first ice cream to fly on a shuttle mission into space! Personally, I would have chose Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked.


#7 California (22-10)california

  • Pac-10
  • Location: Berkley, CA
  • Nickname: Golden Bears
  • Mascot: Oski the Bear named for Okskee-wow-wow yell:
    “Oski Wow-Wow!
    Whiskey Wee-Wee!
    Olee! Muckie-eye!
    Olee! Berkeley-eye!
    California! Wow!”
  • School Colors: Yale Blue and California Gold
  • Coach: Mike Montgomery
  • Players:

#10 Maryland (20-13) maryland

  • ACC
  • Location: College Park, Maryland
  • Mascot: Terrapin. In other words, a freaking turtle.
  • Slogan: Their rally cry is “Fear the turtle.” Well, I suppose they are fearsome. Snapping turtles do bite. If they can catch you.
  • School Colors: Red, white, black and gold
  • Coach: Gary Williams
  • Famous Alumni: Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets!


#8 BYU (25-7)byu-cougars-logo

  • Mountain West
  • Location: Provo, Utah
  • Mascot: Cougars
  • School Colors: Blue and White
  • Coach: Dave Rose
  • Players:
  • In Case You Didn’t Know: Brigham Young University is a Morman College owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Random Facts: That means that they have very strict codes of conduct including: dress code, no sex before marriage and no drugs or alcohol. Um…. well that certainly takes away from the whole college experience now doesn’t it (**I mean no disrespect in any way. I actually have friends that went to BYU and they loved it. My college, on the other hand, was a little….looser…..on their codes of conduct).

#9 Texas A&M (23-9)texas-am-logo

  • Big 12
  • Location: College Station, Texas
  • Mascot: Aggies
  • What the heck is an Aggie?: I always get the mental image of a witch. I have no idea why. But I was sad to find out that an Aggie is just slang used to describe someone that goes to an Agriculture College, ie Texas Agriculture & Mechanical College
  • School Colors: maroon and white
  • Coach: Mike Turgeon
  • Players:
  • Howdy Partner: The official greeting of Texas A&M is “Howdy.” Seriously.


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All info compiled from CBS Sports, Wikipedia and team websites

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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