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The teams for the NCAA 2009 Tournament have been released and millions are frantically trying to perfect their brackets!

I have broken down the teams into their regions and matchups to help you compare to make your own brackets! And if you are interested in joining my free online bracket pool, head to Stiletto Sports NCAA Brackets on Yahoo Sports! Free to join and no experience needed! Pick you teams based on your fave colors, mascots and vacation spots!


The Midwest Regional Bracket

Okay so the opening round of the tourney is a match-up between the Wild Card teams, aka the 64th and 65th ranked teams of the tourney. Basically, once upon a time, the committee couldn’t decide which team would be better in the conference and the Wild Card Game was born. The Wild Card rotates between regions and this year it is in the Midwest. So on Tuesday, March 17, Morehead State will take on Alabama State to determine who will be the #16 seed team that will play #1 Louisville when the Tournament starts on Thurs!

I have broken the teams down by First Round matchups, in order by ranking per region. Each matchup gives the game date and location as well as the info on the teams, their ranks, their overall record of wins/losses for the season, conference info and a bunch of key facts and figures! But please bear with me while I finish compiling the lists and organizing the data! Some of the schools are missing data but will be up asap! Check back soon!


#1 Louisville (28-5)louisville

  • Big East Champs
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky (wonder if that’s close to Morehead….)
  • Mascot: Cardinals
  • School Colors: Red & Black
  • Coach: the Rick Pitino
  • Players:
  • They aren’t just a #1 seed, they are THE #1 seed. Their season and conference play was so impressive that the committee picked them as their fave!

#16 Morehead State (19-15)


  • Ohio Valley Champs
  • Location: Morehead, Kentucky (again, very helpful)
  • Mascot: Eagles
  • School Colors: Blue and Gold (not to be confused with Old Gold)
  • Song: I really don’t want to know. With a name like Morehead……it just can’t be family friendly.
  • Coach: Donnie Tyndall
  • Players:
  • Notable Alumni: Billy Ray Cyrus. I am now renaming Morehead the “Achy Breaky Heart School”


#16 Alabama State (22-9)alabama-state-hornets

  • SWAC Champs (Southwest Athletic, not Sealed With a Catlick….)
  • Location: Montgomery, Alabama
  • Mascot: Hornets
  • School Colors: Black and Old Gold
  • Fun Fact: There ain’t much but the school motto is interesting. “”When we teach class, the world takes note.”   Bit cocky!
  • Coach: Lewis Jackson
  • Players:


#2 Michigan State (26–6)mich-state-spartans

  • Big 12
  • Location: East Lansing, MI
  • Mascot: Spartans
  • School Colors: Green and White
  • Coach: Tom Izzo (for shizzo)
  • Players:
  • Claim to Fame: They have won 2 Championships. The most notable was the 1979 game that pitted Spartan Ervin “Magic” Johnson against Indiana’s Larry Bird. Perhaps you have heard of them? That win fueled the rivalry that extended into the NBA with Magic on the Lakers and Bird ont he Celtics.

#15 Robert Morris (24-10)robert-morris

  • Northeast Champs:
  • Location: Moon Township, PA (gee, that cleared up the question of where the hell is Robert Morris. Still no idea)
  • Mascot: Colonials
  • School Colors: Blue, Red and White
  • Who is Robert Morris anyway?: Ha! Actually he signed the Declaration of Independence and helped finance the war!
  • Coach: Mike Rice
  • Random Fact: There is actually another Robert Morris college in Chicago, Illinois.


#3 KU: Kansas University (25-7)ku-jayhawk

  • Big 12
  • Location: Lawrence, Kansas. Allen Fieldhouse
  • Mascot: Jayhawks
  • School Colors: Blue and Crimson
  • Song: Rock Chalk, Jayhawk (totally worth clicking the link and hearing the story. Could be most peculiar Fight Song of the tourney)
  • Coach: Bill Self
  • Players:
  • Fame: After years of being seeded high and failing to go all the way, the Jayhawks broke out and won the 2008 Championship! Rock Chalk boys, rock chalk…

#14 North Dakota State (26-6)north-dakota-state-bison

  • Summit Champs
  • Location: Fargo, ND (not kidding!  I so thought it in my head as a joke because it’s the only city in ND I….and most people…have heard of. But they really are from Fargo!)
  • Mascot: Bison
  • School Colors: Yellow and Green (is that because yellow and green make icky Bison Brown color?)
  • Coach: Saul Phillips
  • Fun Fact: Like Cinderella? You will love this team! This is the first year ND State has even been eligibile to be in the tournament! And in their first year they are already in the tourney and ranked #14!


#4 Wake Forest(24-6)deamon-deacon

  • ACC
  • Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Mascot: Demon Deacons
  • What the heck is a Demon Deacon?: WF used to be the Fighting Baptists but back in 1923, after a game against Duke, a newspaper said WF “fought like Demons.” They felt a Deacon gone Demonic was far more intimidating than a Baptist that was fighting
  • School Colors: Old Gold and Black
  • Coach: Dino Gaudio
  • Famous Alumni: NBA stars Tim Duncan and Chris Paul! Also Tyrone “Mugsy” Bogues who was the shortest player ever in the NBA and is currently an announcer!

#13 Cleveland State (24-10)cleveland-state-vikings

  • Horizon Champs
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Mascot: Vikings….. but if you look at their logo….quite possibly the most un-scary Viking you will ever see
  • Fun Fact: The mascot actually used to be Hägar and Helga from the comic strip Hägar the Horrible. At least he was scary…..
  • School Colors: Forest Green & White
  • Coach: Gary Waters
  • Players:


#5 Utah (24-9)utah1

  • Mountain West Champs
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • School Colors: Crimson Red and White
  • Mascot: Utes
  • What’s a Ute?: Say it. Totally makes you think of Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny. But actually the Utes are a Native American tribe in Utah!
  • Coach: Jim Boylen
  • Players:

#14 Arizona*** (19-13)arizona-wildcats

  • Pac-10
  • Location: Tuscon, Arizona
  • *** NOT to be confused with Arizona State University. In fact, fans would really not be happy if you mixed them up. There is a very intense and heated rivalry between the two schools
  • Mascot: Wildcats
  • School Colors: Cardinal Red and Navy Blue
  • Coach: Lute Olson
  • Players:
  • Fun Facts: Remember the hit movie Speed with Sandra Bullock, Keanu and the scary bomber guy Dennis Hopper? While Sandy’s character is driving the out-of-control bus, Hopper calls her “Wildcat” because he can see the college logo on her outfit.
  • Record: The Wildcats have had 25 consecutive appearances in the NCAA tournament and is the longest current streak. However, they have only won one championship in that time….. But it was a doozy! In 1997, Arizona became the only team to ever defeat 3 of the 4 #1 seeds en route to the championship (it’s impossible to play all 4)


#6 Western Virginia(23-11)west-virginia

  • Big East
  • Location: Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Mascot: Mountaineers
  • School Colors: Old Gold and Blue
  • Coach: Bob Huggins
  • Players:
  • Roll out the red, er, blue and gold carpet: The team gets to walk down their very own VIP carpet during home games! Oh and John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” is like an unofficial school song.

#11 Dayton (26-7)dayton

  • Atlantic-10
  • Location: Dayon, OH
  • Mascot: Flyers
  • School Colors: Red and Blue
  • Spirit Fingers: The Red Scare!
  • Coach: Brian Gregory
  • Players:
  • Fun Facts: They are named the Flyers in honor of the Wright Brothers who invented the airplane.


#7 Boston College (22-11) boston-college-eagles

  • ACC
  • Location: Chestnut Hill, Mass
  • Mascot: Eagles
  • School Colors: Maroon and Gold
  • Song: “For Boston” is credited as the oldest fight song in America!
  • Coach: Al Skinner
  • Players:

#10 USC (Southern California) (21-12)usc

  • Pac-10 Champs
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Mascot: Trojans
  • School Colors: Cardinal Red (wonder why the Cardinals don’t use this shade…) and Gold
  • Notable Alumni: Neil Armstrong, NFL hottie QB Matt Leinart and…… Salvatore Ferragamo!!!!
  • Coach: Tim Floyd
  • Players:


#8 Ohio State (22-9) ohio-state-buckeyes

  • Big Ten
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Mascot: Buckeyes
  • What the heck is a buckeye?: It it Ohio’s offical state tree. Hmmm….
  • School Colors:  Scarlet and Grey
  • Coach: Thad Matta
  • Players:
  • Facts: Ohio State fans scare the bejeezus out of me. They are CR-Razy and die hards. They rival Florida’s Gator Nation for “peeps you don’t want to hear you talking smack about their team.”

#9 Siena (26-7)siena-saints

  • MAAC Champs (Mid-Atlantic Athletic)
  • Location: Loudonville, NY. For those of you not from the 518, that’s right by Albany, NY. You know, the capitol…..
  • Mascot: Saints, which to my surprise, means St Bernards, not angel-like saints. Huh.
  • School Colors: Green and Gold
  • Coach: Fran McCaffery
  • Players:
  • Facts: I lived in Albany for 25 years and know many people that went to Siena. Does that count? Because other than that and the St Bernard thing, I got nothing.


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All info compiled from CBS Sports, Wikipedia and team websites

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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