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The Complete Girl’s Guide to Baseball
Posted by Stiletto Jen On April - 3 - 2009

Baseball’s regular season runs from April until September and there are 162 games. So, I’m asking: are you ready to Play Ball?

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A Girls Guide to Baseball: How to Score
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 5 - 2008

In general baseball converation and game recaps you can make do with just knowing the “homeruns” and faking it from there. But not during the actual game! Especially watching it on t.v. Then there are terms like base hit, line drive, pop up, double, RBIs all flying around the room, or field as the case may be.

But I promise, it’s not so bad. Most of those weird terms are just different types of hits based on where the ball landed and how it got there. And they are important because not everyone scores from home runs, plenty of guys score the hard way by making their way around the bases.

So how do you score in baseball if you don’t hit a homerun?

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Why do they sing One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out?
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 5 - 2008

Sure you know the lyrics, but what do they mean? What’s a strike? Why is he out? What’s a ball versus a strike? What the heck is “The count is 0 and 2”

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The AL and the NL of the MLB: Quick Guide to Pro Baseball
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 4 - 2008

The AL and NL of the MLB. OMG, what? Lol. Major League Baseball (yup, MLB), the pinnacle of pro-baseball. What every little boy dreams of being when he is growing up. Which is why he tortures you with watching a dozen games a week (or so it seems). Here’s your MLB survival guide, key terms, […]

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About the Baseball Players: Nine Guys + Nine Different Positions = Loads of Fun
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 3 - 2008

There are only nine-players on the team, yet it feels like there are dozens of positions to know. Each player has a dual-role: offensive and defensive. Here is a quick breakdown of the players on the field, and the ones at homeplate. We also gave you some MLB (Major League Baseball) names to drop to […]

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A Girls Guide to Baseball: Terms to Know
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 2 - 2008

Okay, this may be a bit dull, but you have to have a handy cheat sheet of terms to know and love or the game will go way over your head. This is the beginner class, there will be more advanced terms later on once these are mastered! Terms to know: At Bat: The offensive […]

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A Girl’s Guide to Baseball: The Basics
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 2 - 2008

Baseball. The great American pasttime. It’s the sport where if you manage to hit the ball a whopping 30% of the time, you are a good player.

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Why you should say “Take Me Out to The Ballgame Please!”
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 1 - 2008

I may come down a little hard on baseball and it’s serious lack of excitement. But, baseball is not as boring as it seems, especially live!

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Why Hitting a Ball with a Stick is Fun to Watch
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 1 - 2008

I will be the first to admit that baseball used to bore me to tears. But there are a lot of positives to get you to tune in! Just think, hot guys in tight pants!

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Reasons why baseball has bigger money power than football

Baseball attracts millions of spectators, and it makes the largest amounts of money throughout the world. It is the main hero of sports pages of American newspapers, one of the main characters of books and movies. The famous baseball player of the 1940s Joe DiMaggio was no less popular than his starry wife Marilyn Monroe was. Baseball is a […]

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