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NCAA Trying to Eliminate Kickoffs
Posted by Stiletto Jen On July - 21 - 2016

The kickoff is one of the most dangerous plays in football and as concerns over player safety continue to arise, the NCAA is strategizing how to change the game.

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Seth Russell Joins Wuerffel Trophy Watch List
Posted by Stiletto Jen On July - 15 - 2016

Not many people will recognize Seth Russell, nor should they, especially if their interest as football fans is restricted to the events that take place on the field. Seth isn’t an especially illustrious football star. None the less, he was named to the Wuerffel Trophy Watch List for 2016. This is an award handed out […]

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College Gameday Key Matchup & Recipes: Michigan State vs. Michigan
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 9 - 2010

My pick for College Game of the week is the 103rd meeting of MSU-UM for the battle of Paul Bunyon’s Axe!

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College Game Day Week 6 Matchups: MSU-UM, FSU-Miami, LSU-Florida,
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 8 - 2010

Two huge rivalry games and 2 other key ranked matchups make this is a college gameday to get excited about!

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College Game Day Key Matchup: Florida Gators vs. Alabama Crimson Tide
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 2 - 2010

With all the intense games this weekend it’s hard to pick just one for Game of the Week but living in Florida, it’s gotta be Gators-Tide!

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College Game Day Week 5 Matchups: Florida-Alabama,Texas-Oklahoma, Stanford-Oregon
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 2 - 2010

Finally a College Saturday to get excited about

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Stiletto Sports Poll: Do You Watch College Football or NFL?
Posted by Stiletto Jen On September - 26 - 2010

They are both football, but fan bases make them seem like totally different ball games! So which is YOUR fave?

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What I’m Watching on College Game Day: Arkansas-Alabama, Boise State-Who Cares
Posted by Stiletto Jen On September - 25 - 2010

This week’s College Game Day might not be exciting from noon till 10, but there are a few matchups that I’m watchin!

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The Ultimate All-American Tailgate Party Challenge
Posted by Stiletto Jen On September - 14 - 2010

How would you like to win free steaks and grills just for partying and tailgating?

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NCAA College Football Week 2 Key Matchups & Picks: Ohio State-Miami, Michigan-Notre Dame
Posted by Stiletto Jen On September - 10 - 2010

If you thought College Football’s kickoff weekend was exciting, you are going to love week 2!

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