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NBA All-Star Sneakers and Hottest Kicks for Spring
Posted by Stiletto Jen On April - 24 - 2009

Ever since I wrote the “NBA All-Star, All-Shoe Team” piece in February, I have become obsessed with sneakers. Love seeing the newest releases!

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The 2009 NBA All Star Flight Club of Sneakers
Posted by Stiletto Jen On February - 16 - 2009

All the highlights from the Sneaker Fashion Premiere Weekend including the coveted KryptoNates and brand new Nike Flight Club line!

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Dancing with the NBA All-Stars
Posted by Stiletto Jen On February - 16 - 2009

Before I bring you the Fabulous Footwear of the All-Star Weekend, I give you a my tribute song and the ultimate All-Star Shoe Dance off starring Shaq, LeBron & Dwight.

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NBA All-Star Starting Sneakers & Players: East Coast Kicks
Posted by Stiletto Jen On February - 15 - 2009

An “in-depth” analysis of the NBA All-Star game based on whatthe NBA players from the East are rocking on their feet!

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NBA 2009 All-Star Game Starting Players & Sneakers
Posted by Stiletto Jen On February - 14 - 2009

You know I hate stats. They muddle things up. And in this case, clearly I will pick the team with the hottest shoes to win the game!

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The NBA All-Star, All-Shoe Team
Posted by Stiletto Jen On February - 13 - 2009

In honor of Ultimate Sneaker Fashion Week. These are not in any order, I do not believe in ranking shoes. It is mean to the other shoes. Don’t worry, this is very Sneaker-Hater friendly.

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