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World Series Woes For The Rays
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 27 - 2008

Yeah, the Phillies lead 3-1. Not looking good for the Rays. They lost the first game at home at Tropicana Field 3-2 but rallied on the second night to win 4-2. The Phillies dominated the weekend. Actually the whole city of Philadelphia dominated the weekend: Saturday: The Flyers (hockey) won 3-2. Sunday: Philadelphia Eagles (football) […]

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The Philadelphia Phillies: A Snow White Tale
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 23 - 2008

If the Tampa Bay Rays get to be Cinderella, then I dub the Philadelphia Phillies…the Evil Queen. But I’m biased.

Ok, fine, they get to be a princess too. Let’s try, Snow White.

The thing about Snow White is she was poisoned with an apple and went to sleep for like 100 years. Well, the Phillies are kinda the same way.
Once Upon a Time…

“In [South] Philadelphia, born and raised….” Oh wait, wrong fairy tale. Princess Snow White, not Fresh Prince.

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A Cinderella Story: The Tampa Bay Rays
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 23 - 2008

I was so excited when my boyfriend told me Cinderella was going to the 2008 World Series and that the game will be like a fairy tale. I love the Disney Princesses!
OK….so maybe he didn’t really say Cinderella herself. I think he actually said that the Tampa Bay Rays’ story was like a Cinderella story. And I did read on one blog that it is like fairy tale! In sports, a Cinderella may not get to wear the sparkly dress and glass slippers but they do get a happily-ever-after. And I’m a sucker for happily-ever-afters.

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A Girl’s Tip Guide to Surviving the World Series of Boredom, er Baseball
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 22 - 2008

Rule #1: Think of The Series as 7 potential parties–an excuse for 7 super cute new outfits!

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There is Only One October: Quick Guide to Baseball Playoffs
Posted by Stiletto Jen On October - 21 - 2008

“The Yankees Win! The Yankees Win!”
How many times have you heard your man, sometimes with his friends, reenact that scene around the house?

As the commercial says, “there is only one October.” Meaning there is only one month for the baseball playoffs! Even my boyfriend and my father admitted that baseball can be a little, well, tedious to watch on t.v. during the regular season. But not during the post-season. Good luck prying them away from a game 7 League Championship battle. Especially if their team, or their team’s arch rival is in the battle. So chances are, come October 1st, you are stuck with at least a little baseball action, and not the good kind. So here’s what you need to know to make it through the one and only October.

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