Monday, March 25, 2019

Most baseball affecionados like to sit around the Hot Stove discussing  Spring Training and the baseball season! I want to sit around the Haute Stove and talk baseball….fashion!

A few days ago I started a Best Dressed Athletes Series in honor of New York’s Fashion Week. So far we’ve gone over the most stylish ballers in the NBA and the sexiest style stars of the NFL.

Now it’s time to check out the Best Dressed Baseball Players in the MLB!

For the record, this post took the longest of all them…combined. It took over three hours to compile. Golf took 15 minutes. Apparently baseball players never take off their uniforms because it was almost impossible to find pictures of them!

Feel free to leave me a comment below or shoot me a tweet @stilettosportsj to give me your input on who you think deserves to be on the lists!

  • 3B Alex Rodriquez
  • SS Derek Jeter
  • 3B David Wright
  • 3B: Evan Longoria
  • Catcher: Joe mauer
  • RF: Ichiro Suzuki
  • LF: Manny Ramirez
  • CF: Curtis Granderson
  • DH/1B: David Ortiz
  • Pitcher: Cole hamels

Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees)

Even in spite of all the scandals, stories and negative hoopla around A-Rod, there is no denying he is one of the most fashionable baseball players…ever. He’s graced the covers of  all the men’s fashion mags like GQ, Esquire, Details, Sports Illustrated…..

Even when he was giving his big apology speech for his drug use, the only thing I could focus on (besides his use of the terms “loosey goosey era….) was the fact that his blue sweater of sincerity was the exact same shade of his eyes and made him look amazing!

Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)

In the Best Dressed NBA players post I mentioned that there isn’t a “best of NBA” list that Kobe Bryant is not on. The same this goes for Jeter and a “best of MLB” list. Like Tom Brady, Jeter is an ambassador (fancy name for “face of”) for Movado. Only the most elite, most stylish people get that high honor!

and I’m going to break the rules a little since this list is about athletes off the field or court but, Jeter makes these pinstripes look sooooooo good:

Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay Rays)

Evan has become the baby-faced sensation of the Tampa Bay Rays. His rookie season, the Rays had an amazing Cinderella season and went all the way to the World Series. Off the field, Evan’s cool, comfy casual style has become a trend setting hit!

David Wright (New York Mets)

Mr. David Wright is the reason that I just declared myself a Mets fan (yes, as well as a Yankees, Red Sox and Rays fan…..) This man would look good in anything. As my Yankees loving friend said “I’ll admit, he makes even a Mets jersey look hot. ” They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, here are 6,000 words about how hot and fashionable David Wright is. Drool.

Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins)

Some claim Joe is the best catcher in the MLB. Others say without Joe, the Twins wouldn’t be a playoff worthy team. I say, Hot Damn, Joe is F-I-N-E! Since catchers spend most of hteir time all bundled up in pads on their knees in the dirt, it’s hard to see how tall and muscular and beautiful they can be! Out of his catcher’s gear, Joe’s 6’5 body makes dress wear and casual clothes look amazing!

Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners)

Ichiro Suzuki is one of the most famous people in Japan. They say people can send him mail in Japan just addressed to “Ichiro” and it will get to him. They absolutely adore him! They’ve even created a museum in his honor already! With such a big spotlight and so many eyes trained right on him at all times, Ichiro has to look put together at all times.

Manny Ramirez (L.A. Dodgers)

Manny will always be Manny. Loud, boisterous, full of himself and full of style! You never really know what to expect from Manny but you do know when it comes to what he is wearing, he’s going to be pretty fabulous!

Curtis Granderson (Detroit Tigers….)

Er…. Curtis is now a New York Yankee. Apparently on December 9, the Yanks heard that Curtis was one of the leagues best dressed players and there was no way Detroit could become more stylish than the boys in blue!

Curtis is known for his custom tailored suits. Curtis on his style: ““I try not to spend too much on clothes. I’m usually looking for something that doesn’t cost too much. But I do have some expensive things. I like wearing what everybody else isn’t wearing. Right now, I’m really into unique T-shirts. I usually wear them with MEK Jeans, because fit is important to me.  I like wearing suits and ties. That’s the way I dress when I travel and for speaking engagements. I have my suits and shirts custom-made from Douglass Wayne out of Atlanta.”

David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox)

Big Papi has Big Style! and is big on the Bling Bling! Ortiz is known for his flashy “go big or go home” style but he’s also known for being perfectly put together and fashion forward!

Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies)

I think Cole’s wife Heidi Strobel gets all the credit for his style. Without her super model fashion sense, Cole would most likely be just a tall doofy white boy with no fashion sense. Lucky for us, Heidi has imparted her wisdom! The star pitcher for the Phillies looks great in suits and rocking his Affliction gear.

Still to come, the Best Dressed Golfers and if we can find some, the Most Stylish Hockey players!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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4 Responses

  1. Blythe Said,

    Wow….Joe Mauer is ALOT hotter than I previously thought! whew…..

    Posted on February 22nd, 2010 at 9:16 am

  2. Stiletto Jen Said,

    I know, right! I was stunned! I think I may need to be a Twins fan now. EIther that or start checking out all the catchers cuz who knows what is laying under all that gear!

    Posted on February 22nd, 2010 at 10:45 am

  3. SouthernSt Said,

    Ichiro is truly a handsome man–with that square jaw, signature stubble and finely textured glossy black hair, he is GQ material. Not sure why he’s never graced the pages of men’s fashion magazines or even been the subject of an interview stateside. It’s significant that in the writer of this article says “THEY absolutely adore him” and “THEY have a museum in his honor”…because WE Americans have totally ignored him as a person and a man.

    Posted on August 6th, 2011 at 11:09 am

  4. Stiletto Jen Said,

    Yeah his fame over there is amazing. I thought it was crazy to hear that people can just write a letter to “ichiro” with no address and he will get it. It’s like little kids writing to “Santa Claus, North Pole’
    But, you are right, he is not as acclaimed here.

    Posted on September 11th, 2011 at 10:09 am

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