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What I found funny was that for as much as I love basketball, I couldn’t find a lot of basketball movies to love. Most “basketball movies” are not really about the game and only loosely feature it. That’s not what I’m looking for! I want to watch hot actors run around in sleeveless jerseys! Ok, maybe guys don’t want that. But I found that football and baseball movies are far more poignant and well-done. Of course there are exceptions…

Stiletto Set’s Best Basketball Movie Guide

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Inspirational High School Ball:

1. Hoosiers

Referred to over and over again as the best basketball movie of all time and in the top sports movies of all time, Hoosiers is an iconic classic. It’s based on a true story of the high school basketball team in Milan, Indiana in 1954 that made it to the state championships, against all the odds.  Inspirational, powerful, uplifting and full of basketball plays!

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2. Coach Carter

Also based on a true story and has a very similar feel as Hoosiers. However this is about a coach’s struggle and his unconventional methods with his academically stuggling team. It’s almost like taking Hoosiers and mixing it with Gangsters Paradise or The Principal.

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3. Hoop Dreams

I will admit I’ve seen it and now, 14 or so years later I’d probably see it again. I just know that is was very long. Good, but long. It’s a documentary about two very talented players, Arthur Agee and William Gates, and their dreams of making it in the NBA. The film follows them through high school and into college and it’s a remarable portrayal of their struggles to succeed.

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4. The Pistol

This has just been released on DVD and after reading about it, I actually can’t wait to see it. It is the story of Pete Maravich, or Pistol Pete as he is commonly known, the basketball prodigy who stunned and inspired the nation with his unparalled talent. He was a scrawny white kid in the deep south playing the black man’s game. And he was good. I’m actually going to send you to Amazon’s review of the book so you can read more about it because I loved what the had to say and I personally can’t wait to learn more. Amazon’s Review of The Pistol, the novel.

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5. Glory Road

The true story of Texas Western’s 1965-66 controversial team and their Coach Don Haskins.The Miners had the first all-black starting lineup team and they made it to the NCAA national basketball championships. The team was mocked and hated then but became a legend.

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6. Forget Paris

Now this I like! Not sure any male in the country would call it a good basketball movie (although I know my dad likes it). It’s a romantic comedy set around the basketball court! Billy Crystal is an NBA referree that travels around the country. The story is actually told by their friends that are sitting in restaurant waiting for the couple to arrive and are recapping their up and down history over the years. It’s cute!

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7. White men Can’t Jump

Hilarious classic comedy with Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes and Rosie Perez. The unlikely combo pair up to hustle other players around town. Best known for its trash talking sequences between the “teammates.

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8. The Air up There

The only way Coach Jimmy Dolan is going to get his promotion is to get a superstar on his team. He heads to Africa to convince Saleh, a basketball prodigy to come to the US to play. But in order to get him, Jimmy has to convince Saleh and help his tribe. Full of funny moments and great basketball moves like the “Jimmy Dolan shake and bake!”

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9. Semi-Pro

It’s 1976. The American Basketball Association is about the go under and merge with the National Basketball Association. Only the top four teams get to go, and the Flint Michigan Tropics are not in the top. Enter Will Farrell, aka Jackie Moon, the owner, promoter, coach and star player of the team. Moon rallies his team with the hopes of moving from last place to top four! And underdog story and a Farrell comedy? Can’t beat that!

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A few other “baskeball movies” with at least some ball in them:

He Got Game–Great story between father and son starring Denzel Washington and real NBA star Ray Allen. The basketball scenes are great and the relationship between the two is very intense.

Teen Wolf–Who doesn’t love Michael J. Fox???

Above the Rim

-Like Mike


-O – I am sneaking this one in at the very bottom because I am a huge Josh Hartnett fan!

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  1. Andra Said,

    I have to thank you Jen, because now I have the list of what DVD I have to buy this weekend.

    Posted on January 17th, 2009 at 9:39 am

  2. basketballman Said,

    i grew up in indiana. i ball like a baby everytime i watch the movie Hoosiers..

    Posted on February 2nd, 2010 at 5:51 am

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