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Meet the Writers!

Posted by Stiletto Jen On February - 17 - 2010

When Stiletto Sports began in 2008, it consisted of just one girl set out to change the sports writing world, one blog post at a time. Now, it’s becoming a whole network for other sports chicks! Er, and male sports writers who aren’t all ESPN-analyst-wannabees!

Thought it was a bout time we introduced you to all the wonderful contributing writers & guest columnists of Stiletto Sports! All these lovely (er, and manly….) writers have their own fantastic websites that you have to check out! Also, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and become a fan on facebook so you can interact with all of us!

Name: Jennifer Taglione (aka Princess Jennifer, aka Stiletto Sports Jen……..)

Website: Stiletto Sports, Pink Bubble World
Twitter: @stilettoSportsJ
Email: princessJennifer at
Tag line: “Sports. Pink. Sparkly. High Heeled.”
Fav Players & Teams: Arizona Cardinals (Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald) NY Jets (Mark Sanchez); Florida Gators (Tim Tebow); Kansas Jayhawks; Boston Celtics; Yankees AND Red Sox,

Rather than bore you with all the details about me again, I’ll just send ya over to the about the editor page!

Name: Blythe Brumleve

Facebook: Guys Girl Fan Page
Tag line: “Bringing Sports & Gaming Into a Girl’s World”
Fav Sports Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars (yes, they actually have fans!) and Boston Red Sox

I wanted to start the website years ago because I thought I was always the only girl who loved sports and video games. Once I discovered the internet, I realized there was a network of girls who were just like me and were seeking representation. I have always been told that I am the “girliest tomboy” you have ever met but I know I am not alone. I find a lot of girls grew up either playing with Barbie™ dolls and makeup and never knowing sports and video games or grew up playing sports and video games and never learning how to put on makeup. At, we do make-up & sports; barbies & video games!

Name: Darlynn Nangano

Website: & Little Blog Dress
Twitter: @RACINGgirls
Email: darlynn.nangano AT
Tag line: “Where Sex and the City meets Pit Road”
Fav Sports Teams:

Racing Fashionistas was born in July 2008 and here you will find the trial and tribulations of Megan & Darlynn, two female NASCAR junkies. It’s where Sex and the City meets Pit Road and all the fashion, gossip and news that goes with it.

Name: Megan Wood

Website:,, Little Blog Dress
Twitter: @RACINGgirls
Email: megan AT
Tag line: “Where Sex and the City meets Pit Road”
Fav Athletes & Hotties: Tim Tebow, Tony Stewart

Let’s face it, NASCAR has a bad rep. Some people associate the sport with beer drinking, pot bellied rednecks. I once thought this about the sport as well. A few years ago, I was forced into the sport and I today, I am addicted. I am a fashionista with a marketing background. Voila the birth of nascarfashionistas. If you don’t believe me, check out my amex bill or my closets 🙂 Cheers Ya’ll.

Name: Stephanie Lewark

Website: The Steel City Sports Fan (Penguins Edition) and Hockey for the Ladies
Twitter: @steelcitysports and @hockeyFTladies
Facebook: Stephanie’s Site & The TSCSF Pens ‘Stache Group
Email: thesteelcitysportsfan AT
Tag line: “Where passionate female hockey fans get their eye candy fix and more!”
Fav Team: Penguins & Steelers of course!

I live in Johnstown, PA which is home of……. the “Charlestown Chiefs” and the “Hanson Brothers” from the quintessential hockey movie starring Paul Newman: “Slap Shot”

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Pittsburgh Penguins have a shoot-out competition the first of every month … the loser of which must grow and keep a mustache the entire month long! My Facebook Fan Page TSCSF Penguins ‘Stache Tracker 2010 keeps track of the players’ facial hair each month!

Name: Alyssa Barbieri & Aly-Bar’s Live Journal
Twitter @aly_bar
Facebook:  All About Aly
Tag line: “Diary of a Mad Sports Fan”
Favorite Teams: Chicago Bears (NFL), Detroit Red Wings (NHL), Michigan Wolverines (NCAA), Florida Gators (NCAA), Jeff Gordon (NASCAR), Detroit Tigers (MLB)
Favorite Sports Hotties: Jay Cutler (Bears), Rex Grossman (Texans), Mark Sanchez (Jets), Jimmy Howard (Red Wings), Rick Porcello (Tigers), Tim Tebow (Florida), Tate Forcier (Michigan)
Favorite Sports (in order): Football, Hockey, Nascar, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball
Also Loves: Chris Daughtry…..

My first live sporting event was when I went to a Detroit Red Wings game when I was 8 years old and I’ve been hooked ever since. But  football is my real true love!  I have been to the Chicago Bears Training Camp every year for the last 5 years.

Along with my love with sports I also have a passion for writing.  I’m currently sophomore in college in South Florida. I’m majoring in Mass Communications/Journalism with dreams of becoming a sports writer for the Chicago Bears. Every season I put together a 30 page magazine called Bears Beat for my friends and family from my own unique voice and P.O.V.  I find it a blessing that I am working towards a career that I am so passionate about that at the end of the day it’s not really work at all!

Name: Michael Crimmins

Website: Daily Shot of Coffee (yes, I know it’s not a sports site. But trust me, without Daily Shot of Coffee, Stiletto Sports would not run!)
Twitter @shotofcoffee
Facebook: Daily Shot Fan Page
Tag line: “powering sports blogs with caffeine, one cup at a time”
Favorite Teams: Yankees & Da Bears
Favorite Sports Hotties: um, yeah, about that……
Favorite Sports (in order): Baseball, Baseball, Baseball, Baseball. And chili. I mean, football. Well, I think I do actually enjoy the beloved pasttime of eating chili every Sunday in the fall more than actually watching the football games….

Mike is our behind the scenes guy. He runs the back end of Stiletto Sports and answers calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for whatever random thing I decide to call him about. But he is also the go-to guy for all things baseball and especially, all things Yankees. You’ll see him posting a lot from Feb-Sept covering the ins and outs of baseball so I don’t have to! One day, when he doesn’t have 18 million things to do on his teux-deux list, he will write his own bio here!


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