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Letters to the Editor

Posted by Stiletto Jen On May - 15 - 2009

Letters….comments…..same difference!

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Besides, hockey sticks and football players may break our bones but words…will ring hauntingly in our ears forever.


Praise for Stiletto Sports:

What a great concept! I like watch basketball and swimming but the rest of the sports world is a bit of a mystery. At least now I can somewhat gather what my boyfriend is talking about in the sports arena.



Ok little miss….I had the understanding for years that to understand football we just had to realize that it’s a ton of big dudes with either a serious deep down wish to be paralyzed for life or were just fried from too many steroids. This is false?? For years I’ve been fooled? Oh man, so now I can’t just be thinking about post game frolics in a pair of fabulous new shoes? You mean I can’t just smile blankly at men and nod my head yes while thinking about how f%$#ng bored I am? LOL, well if you say it’s beneficial, then I’ll believe it and actually do the research!!!

~Stacy Hunter


Great website! I love the angle and the info. The only thing missing (unless I just didn’t see it yet) is a section on soccer… Ok, ok, I’m a Brit – it’s bigger over here – but that would make this site absolutely perfect. :))) Keep up the good work, please!

~Bex Bellingham


LOVE your new updated site Jen!


Daily Ball Breakers


Top Sports Moments of 2008,

OMG LOL!! Dancing with the Stars!?!?! Very nice. I was trying to figure out what it could possibly be since you had covered all the ones I could think of.

Also the softball story I just loved when I saw it on ESPN. If only our leaders would think of others first before themselves all the time.

Thanks for this series of posts. I had a blast with it.



Kurt Warner SportsMan of Style

I would love to see Kurt seal the Hall of Fame bid. It will sound sappy but here is my Kurt Warner story:

We live in west county St. Louis. My wife was at a local breakfast eatery, during the period of time that Kurt played for the Rams, with two of my daughters. She notices Warner enjoying breakfast with a man in a suit. She leaves him alone till he is done with his meal and when he gets up she lets the girls go over and ask for autographs. He pulls out his trading card with scripture on the back and signs it with their names and pats them on the head.

Classy, professional move, right? My wife and daughters finish their meal beaming over their souvenirs. Then when my wife asks for the check the waitress says, “Sweetie, Kurt Warner paid for you and your girl’s breakfasts.”

Yeah, I know, he’s a high-paid athlete. The $20-25 tab was nothing to him. But the fact that he even thought about it was what impressed me.

~Brian Marchant-Calsyn


“Yes we Can II: Imagining the Unimaginable”

This is great. I seriously have tears in my eyes.


The Quarter-Life Lady


SportsWoman of Style Kay Yow

Thank you for highlighting this amazing woman. I have watched her through the years and while I have not followed her team it was hard not to be a fan of the coach. She was a force and through her foundation she will continue to help women for generations to come.



Yes We Can Inspirational Sports Moments “HOPE”

I came here through Wordless Wednesday. You have a really interesting series going here. Will you keep it up?

~Isabella Mori


Wordless Wednesday Coaches of the Week

In Bruce Pearl’s defense, he only wears the orange jacket for the Vanderbilt game, and it is a tradition that was started I think by Ray Mears a few decades ago. Pearl is very aware of the importance of tradition in college sports and, as unfortunate a sportcoat as it is, I love that he keeps it going. (Plus I’m a Tennessee grad so orange always looks good to me.)

I like the new look, by the way.



Fabulous Super Bowl Party Recipes: All About the Dips

Good games need good snacks!

And I am in shocked by the new look of this blog.

It is very cool and elegant, I like it.

Very nice Jen!




I’m glad to see that all who visits your site will have the opportunity to make some of my best dips! I am making almost all of them this weekend at my super bowl party! After all….the super bowl is all about the food and the commercials right???? Wish that you were here! (Although I’m sure you don’t miss the 10 degree weather at all!!!)

See you soon!



Stiletto Sports Stands Behind Michael Phelps

I agree that it’s a shame that we will be hearing about this for the next two weeks, but honestly, as talented as Michael Phelps is, he doesn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the shed. I’m not convinced that he should be killing his brain cells with pot because when he talks, it doesn’t sound like he has many brain cells to spare.

That boy needs to say no to drugs because he can do bad all by himself, without the help of pot.

And perhaps he should find more trustworthy friends or go to secluded parties where people don’t take pictures of other people taking hits from bongs.

His body is scrumptious though.

Akirah Wyatt


What to Wear to Still Look Fabulous at a Super Bowl Party

Accessorized outfits for fans of either team? Now that’s going the extra mile! I like the way you worked extra hard to make this post look good.



Getting ready for the Big Dance: What is march Madness

I love your site. Was trying to figure out what Bracketology is and I found your site very helpful.

Added you to my blogroll and also mentioned you today in a post called “What is Bracketology? An Introduction to Bracketology 101″ as one of our new favorite sites.

Click here if you want to see it and keep rocking.



10 Reasons to Love the Boogity Boogity World of NASCAR

Very cool! Being an avid NASCAR nut & a huge Carl Edwards fan, this was awesome…especially #4!!! 🙂

I am a female living in the very non-NASCAR area of New England, so all my

friends that just “don’t get it”, I can share this with them!


CJ Flores


The Deep Dark Secret of Increasing Your Twitter Followers

Excellent article Jenn and I agree 100%, Twitter and your message is only as good as the followers that actually receive and VALUE your tweets. I am a big fan of “You help me, I help you” which I feel is extremely important when it comes to building your blog network, the tough part about that is the challenge of finding people that have something to offer that you actually care about reading. For me, even with the many excellent blogs that are out there if the writing style is not what I am looking for, Im out and the list goes on and on of things that need to be in place if I am going to be a continued reader and networking partner with these blogs.

In regards to Tweetdeck when I first started using it I found myself taking advantage of the very columns you mentioned above, now as time has gone on I simply use it because it makes re-tweeting fast and easy, oh and I like the little sound it makes. Outside of that I no longer split my groups up, if I am following you I am really following you, if you have nothing to offer or keep your tweets limited to “check my site”, “buy my stuff”, etc. I simply no longer follow you. No more hassle of editing my tweet deck and shifting people around.

Twitter is an excellent tool when used in moderation and by someone who actually has something to offer the follower, I am not a huge follower I would rather be a leader which basically is my way of saying, I will not be following anyone that doesn’t have something thats worth following, just for the sake of following them so they can follow me back. I will take a true targeted audience for the tweets I will be tweeting as it will give me the best return for my efforts….. Whatever they might be.



A Girl’s Guide to Baseball: The Basics

This was exactly what Iwas looking for and incredibly entertaining to read, thanks!!



The Mystery Revealed!

Dear Jen, Saw your posting dated Dec. 16, 2008 regarding an old baseball photo. I am Nick Strincevich’s daughter. I am not sure if that is a picture of my dad with Spud Davis. According to one reference Davis is listed at 6′ 1″. My dad also is 6′1″. The man in the photo with Davis appears to be much taller.

Carole Perino


Sports Fashion Faux Pas of the Week: Washinton Nationals Jerseys

Great photos. No one ever accused baseball players of being spelling bee champions.

Love it, just love it. Have a wonderful WW.



The NatinAls just keep getting sadder and sadder every day. Them and the Pirates need a miracle if they’re ever going to compete again.

Mike the Coffee Junkie, Daily Shot of Coffee


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