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Ask the Editor

Posted by Stiletto Jen On April - 15 - 2009

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Q: As the editor of a such popular sports website, you must be really passionate about sports! —Jesse, Maryland

No, not really! I do admit (reluctantly) to having somewhat of a background in sports. In college, I did help out in the sports section of our college newspaper. I learned a lot about a lot of sports, even rugby. All of which I promptly put out of my head the moment I graduated.

Okay, yes, I’ve been a fan of basketball for over 15 years. Ever since I developed a crush on this boy on the JV basketball team in high school. Gosh he was cute. From there I learned that the NBA is like a harvesting field of hot guys!

But, even though I would always get really into the major events like the Super Bowl and March Madness, for most of the year I was pretty oblivious to the sporting world.

Q: How on earth did you come up with this website! –Sarah, 21, Florida

After 15+ years of sports exposure, some of it must have seeped into my brain because I will admit, I am full of all sorts of weird sports trivia. It would always shock people whenever I would interject with some little known fact because I never come across as a fanatic or “sports chick.”

Stiletto Sports all began as this little innocent idea in my chaotic mind on a sleep-deprived day. Isnt’ that how they all begin? Actually, they all begin: Once upon a time…

Q: I’ve tried to learn about football tons of times. I’ve tried books, websites, ESPN… you name it. They are always filled with so much technical jargon, I need a book to decipher the book I’m reading. I get frustrated and bored because they are all written by some know-it-all that talks way over your head. How is Stiletto Sports different from other sports writers? —Shannon, West Virginia

Well, first off, I am not qualified to be a sports writer, nor do I claim to be one. I’m just a girl who happens to know a lot of random information about a variety of sports. Half of the time I am researching and learning as I’m reporting it to you, so I have to dig through and decipher all that jargon myself. I would never put anyone else through the torture of reading and translating The Football Rules & Penalties into real people speak.

And I really wanted to create a place to learn where you won’t be bored to tears when you are trying to find the answer to your question. I once asked a guy about why pitchers don’t just throw fastballs and I swear I fell asleep faster then I do when I normally watch a baseball game on TV!

Q: My boyfriend is a hard core sports nut and I barely know the difference between fastball and a football. Can you help me turn into a fanatical sports fan too? —Karina, Chicago

I mean, I guess if you really want to be one, we could try it! But really, I doubt you will get that from me! Sports nuts scare me. Although all of a sudden, “fun” for me has been extended to include researching baseball facts and stats. I fear I may be becoming one of them.

But in all honesty, one of the primary reasons people shun sports is because they don’t understand them and it’s easier to say “I hate sports” then to take the time to learn. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you can go from “I hate sports” to “GO CARDINALS GO!” just by learning the basics of football.

Q: Is Stiletto Sports just for women that need to learn the basics? I’m a male who knows a lot about sports, why should I be interested in your site? I don’t want to be bored. –Charlie, 25, Kansas

Not at all! We love sports fanatics stopping by! In fact a large part of our fan base are actually male sports fans in their 20s and 30s. They find our spin on sports very refreshing, unique and even insightful! We always try to add extra fun facts and little known trivia to spice up the basics!

Also, sports fanatics love us because they always have someone in their lives that doesn’t understand their passion—(“Do you have to watch every minute of every single Yankee game?” or “What do you mean you can’t help with wedding plans today just because it’s Sunday?”) and this site gives them a way to help explain their love in “girl speak.”

Plus, I’ve been told I’m funny.

Q: Are you trying to imply that girls don’t know sports? Because I think a lot of people will take offense to that! —Meghan, 28, New York

God, I hope not! I am definitely not implying that girls don’t know sports. Like I said, a lot of my girlfriends do understand and are hard-core fanatics! Some have even agreed to guest column for me! But, this site was originally founded to help those girls that don’t know sports and are either are too afraid and embarrassed to ask questions or get bored trying to learn through the “traditional” methods.


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