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I am so excited to bring you this 32 NFL Team Inspired Burger Recipes post! I’ve actually been referencing this article all football season long in my Game of the Week Matchup & Recipes posts. The burger recipes featured in those posts have been huge fan favorites and I’ve had people begging me for more but was never able to publish all 32 teams until now!

Just like the 32 NFL Team Inspired Cocktails piece from earlier this season, I really tried to find the perfect burger to fit each NFL team or city. Certain places like Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, and Baltimore have world famous dishes like deep dish pizza, Cincinnati Chili and crab cakes. But did you know the that signature dish of Indianapolis is Breaded Pork Tenderloins? Or that Carolina actually has a signature burger that is topped with cole slaw? Have you heard of Miami Cuban Sandwiches?

Let’s just say I learned a lot about regional American cuisine!

It’s never too early to start planning your Super Bowl Party Menu cuz it ain’t a Super Bowl party without yummy food!  Last year we gave you a whole bunch party suggestions from yummy dip recipes and pre-game snacks, to some special football themed cocktails. And this season we added a whole bunch of tasty treats like 17 Unique Chicken Wing Recipes and the 32 NFL Team Inspired Cocktails.

And now, we have a custom, signature burger for each team in the NFL!  And coming soon, we’ll be doing slider recipes, football party appetizers and of course, chili recipes!

Oh, and if you like these and are looking for Super Bowl XLVI Recipes for the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, well we have those over: Giants here! and Patriots Here!

The 32 NFL Team Inspired Burgers

Click on any team name to go to the recipe or just scroll through them all!

Arizona cardinals Arizona Cardinals Tuscon Turkey Burger with Tomato Coleslaw
Atlanta Falcons Fried Green Tomato w/Goat Cheese Topped Burger
Baltimore Ravens The Baltimore Ravens Crabcake Burger
Buffalo Bills The Buffalo Bills Burger with Smokey Red Pepper Sauce
Carolina Panthers The Carolina Panthers Chili Burger with Creamy Cole Slaw
Chicago Bears Chicago Bears Deep Dish Pizza Burger
Cincinatti Bengals The Cincinatti Bengals Chili Burger
Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns Rockin’ Crunch Burgers
Dallas Cowboys The Dallas Cowboys Barbeque Burger
Denver Broncos The Denver Broncos Mile High Burger
Detroit Lions The Detroit Lions Blue BBQ Burgers with Motor City Rub
Green Bay Packers Green Bay Beer Cheese Packed Brat burgers with Red Pepper Kraut
Houstan Texans The Houston Texans Burger Firecracker Burger
Indianapolis Colts The Indianapolis Colts Chipotle Pork Cheeseburger
Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguar Margaritaville Grouper Burger
Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chief Steakburgers
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins Cuban Burger
Minnesota Vikings
The Minnesota Vikings Turkey Burger with Creamy Horseradish Sauce
New England Patriots
The New England Patriots “Best Burger EVER”
New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints Crawfish Burger
New York Jets
The New York Jets Reuben Burger
New York Giants
The New York Giant Meatball Burger
Oakland Raiders
The Oakland Raiders Burger with Crispy Fried Onions
Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles Cheesesteak Burger
Pittsburgh Steelers
The Pittsburgh Panini Burger, The Roethlisburger
San Fransisco 49ers
The San Fransisco 49ers Avocado Burger
San Diego Chargers
San Diego Brie Chargered Grilled Portabella Burger
St Louis Rams The St. Louis Rams Choco Hazelnut burger
Seattle Seahawks
The Seattle Seahawks Starbucks Coffee Rubbed Burgers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Tampa Bay Bucs Burger Gator Burger with Sauteed Florida Peppers
Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans Whiskey Burger
Washington Redskins The Washington RedSkinned Apple Turkery burgers

Arizona Cardinals Tuscon Turkey Burger with Tomato Coleslaw This Tucson Turkey Burger was one of the most unique turkey burger recipes I have ever seen! The recipe calls for the ground turkey to be binded together with salsa and avocados, which packs a whole lot of flavor into the usually bland turkey burger. Want it spicy? No problem! Pick a hot salsa! The burger is also topped with a tomato coleslaw which adds a light and refreshing crunch factor to the top of the burger. Get the recipe!

arizona cardinals turkey burger

Atlanta Falcons Fried Green Tomato & Goat Cheese Topped Burger I spent days looking up burger recipes getting ready for this post. And out of the thousands of recipes that I read, this one was by far, my most favorite. This Southern Burger has everything from  Caramelized Vidalia Onions and bacon-infused spinach, to Fried Green Tomatoes and Pecan Crusted Chevre (aka goat cheese). Oh, and that’s just the toppings! The burger part sounds just as yummy! This super unique burger recipe adds White Zinfandel, hot sauce and horseradish to the meat! And its all put together on a freshly baked southern style biscuit! (note: the pic below is a fried green tomato burger, but not THIS fried green tomato burger!)   Get the recipe!

atlanta falcons fried green tomato burger

Baltimore Ravens Crabcake Burger You can’t have a Baltimore themed party without featuring Maryland’s signature food: Crab and Crab Cakes! I love making my own crab cakes because you never know just how crabby the cakes are going to be when you order them out at a restaurant. Now if you are making a whole bunch of these little guys for a party, I recommend getting canned crab or loose crabmeat because it will be a lot cheaper than lump crab. But if you are making them for yourself, well, then get some high grade lump crab and use very little binding. Mmmmmm….. And top it with a little fresh lemon juice, some tarter sauce or some spice remoulade sauce! Yum! Get the recipe!

baltimore raven crab cake burger

Buffalo Bill Burgers with Smokey Red Pepper Sauce Originally I thought about doing some kind of Buffalo Wing Burger but then I found this amazing recipe and had to share it! This burger is actually made with…. ground buffalo! I didn’t even know you could do that but apparently you can. Of course, if you a bit wary of that you can use hamburger or maybe some kind of gamey meat like venison? If you really want to know, I’ll get you in touch with my brother, he knows that kind of stuff. Anyway, this burger is topped with pickled onions and a smokey red pepper sauce that makes the whole thing pop in your mouth! Get the recipe!

buffalo bills burger

Carolina Panthers Chili Cole Slaw Burgers If you happen to be in the Carolinas and you want to get burger, try to find a place where you can get the old school traditional Carolina burger because you will be in for one hell of a treat! At one point Wendy’s even had a fast-food version of this classic burger on their menu, at least in some regions. This burger is covered in chili and creamy coleslaw for a big, gooepy, sloppy, wonderfully delicious mess! Make sure you get extra napkins! Get the recipe!

Chicago Bears Deep Dish Pizza Burger What is Chicago most famous food? Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizzas of course! Well what if you could get a deep dish pizza burger. Just think about that for a little bit. A burger, nestled into a pizza. Go ahead, wipe away the drool. This burger recipe is just insane! It features two pizzas (with all your favorite toppings) and a big gooey 5 pound bacon cheeseburger. You could either make that big old batch and cut it up for a party, or you can single size it by just using two slices of pizza and a little hamburger. But I would give 911 a heads up call because you may be hitting them up later in the evening when your arteries totally freak out! Get the recipe!

chicago bears deep dish pizza burger

Cincinnati Bengals Burger Chili Burger Chicago has their deep dish pizzas. Baltimore has their crab cakes. But Cincinnati has their famous chili! It’s unlike any other chili in the country and is usually served on top of a pile of pasta. But how about serving it on top of a burger instead! Now, I’m sure you could still throw some pasta on top of the burger too if you really wanted but…..yeah…… So the recipe I picked out is just for a regular Chili Burger. But I also have a great Cincinnati Chili Recipe that you can make instead and put on top of your burger! The blend of spices is a lot different than typical chilis! Get the burger recipe!

cincinnati bengals chili burger

Cleveland Browns Rockin’ Crunch Burger Cleveland is known for their history in Rock & Rock so it seems only fitting that they have a rockin’ burger! This burger recipe is actually for Bobby Flay’s Signature Crunchburger which is a decadent burger topped with potato chips for the crunch! It’s also covered in a horseradish sauce for an extra bite!  Get the recipe!

cleveland browns crunchburger

Dallas Cowboy Burger Get the recipe!

dallas cowboy burger

Denver Broncos Mile High Burgers The Mile High Burgers are the signature burgers from Rachel Ray. Instead of hamburger, they are made with a blend of ground turkey and ham! The burgers are flavored with hot sauce and your favorite grill seasoning. Then they are topped with sauteed peppers and onions and crispy bacon.  Get the recipe!

denver broncos mile high burger

Detroit Lions Burgers I have chosen two separate recipes for Detroit. One is a Blue Burger with Motor City Rub and the other is a Coney Burger because the city is known for it’s Coney Dogs. I really liked the Blue Burger because it featured Kalamazoo and Motor City Rubs which support the local economy up there. But you could use any of your favorite spice blends.

Blue BBQ Burgers With Motor City Rub Get the recipe!
detroit lions burger
Coney Burgers Now Detroit is famous for their Coney Dogs which are hot dogs smothered in chili and coney sauce. This burger recipe takes that Coney Dog to a whole new level! Here, the hot dog is wrapped in a burger mixture and broiled and then topped with all the Coney Dog chili and sauce yumminess!  Get the recipe!

Green Bay Beer Cheese Packed Brat burgers These burgers put a big-time, game day, gourmet twist on traditional beer-soaked brats found at many tailgating parties. It’s a very labor intensive burger but soooooo worth it! Okay, so the bratwurst sausages are ground up with pork, pretzels, cheese and a deep German pilsner beer. Then you make a rich mustard beer glaze to cover the burger off with. And, you can’t have a brat without kraut! The recipe also features a roasted red pepper saurkraut to throw on top of the burger at the end!  Get the recipe!

Houston Texans Burger Firecracker Burger Texas is all about big, bold, in your face flavors and this burger is all about that! The burger has a hidden firecracker stuffed inside, waiting to explode in your mouth: a jalapeno! Personally I would also through a little cheese in the stuffing with the jalapenos but I’m a cheese-a-holic. The meat is blended with salsa to keep it moist and full of flavor. Then, once its off the grill, the burger is topped with guacamole and con queso (spicy cheese) sauce. Get the recipe!

firecracker burgers

Indianapolis Colts Chipotle Pork Cheeseburger Indianapolis is known for their breaded pork tenderloins. They are like little drops of heaven. This is like an upscale version of that hometown favorite. This smokey pork burgers is topped with melted Muenster, creamy avocado and tart, sliced tomatillos. But this recipe uses ground pork, not pork tenderloins. I also recommend blending the avocado and tomatillo into the mayo with some lime, cilantro and garlic for a refreshing sauce!  Get the recipe! I’m also going to throw in a Breaded Pork Tenderloin Burger Recipe too for those who want to stick with Indiana favorite.

indianapolis pork burger

Jacksonville Jaguar Margaritaville Grouper Burger You can’t come to Florida and not try some of the fresh local Grouper. It’s amazing! This burger features Florida’s favorite fish and favorite liquor: tequila! The grouper is soaked in a margarita mixture until it’s good and drunk on flavor. I also love the fresh Florida salsa that it is topped with. It’s made with tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, onions, cilantro and a splash of sugar to cut the heat. I make that salsa all the time for my fried green tomatoes and it’s really refreshing. Get the recipe!

jacksonville jaguar grouper burger

Kansas City Chiefs LipSmacking Steakburgers: If you haven’t treated yourself to a steak burger yet, well, what the heck are you waiting for! But be forewarned, once you have a Kansas City Steakburger you may never want to go back to a regular hamburger ever again! If you are going to be doing a Chiefs themed party the best thing you can serve is the traditional Kansas City Steak Company Steakburger with Lipsmacking Sauce! I also like mine stuffed with a little blue cheese like the picture below. Get the recipe!

blue cheese stuffed burger

Miami Dolphins Cuban Burger One of my favorite Florida foods is the Cuban sandwich. Cubans are full of ham, turkey, cheese, lots of tangy dijon mustard-mayo and crisp tart pickles and are usually pressed hot like a panini. This Cuban Burger kicks my fave sandwich up a notch!  The recipe calls for the burger to be made with ground chuck but in keeping with the Cuban theme, I use ground turkey instead. You assemble the burger just like you would the sandwich and then use a sandwich press (or anything you can to press it) to smush all those awesome flavors all together!  Get the recipe!

miami dolphins cuban burger

Minnesota Vikings Turkey BurgerThe secret to these burgers is the intense flavor packed into each patty. Ground turkey is blended with horseradish, mustard, and paprika to make the burger really explode in your mouth. I like to make extra horseradish mustard  sauce to top the burger with at the end too! Get the recipe!

minnesota vikings turkey burger

The New England Patriot Burger The New England Patriots “Best Burger Ever” I found this burger recipe called “The Best Burger Recipe Ever” and I thought that it would be the perfect burger for the Patriots since many consider them to be the best NFL team ever….. (I know, cocky words. But Pats fans are kinda like Yankees fans, they don’t just think they are the best, they know they are the best) But beyond the boastful claim, this burger also features Sam Adams beer, a New England tradition for years.Get the recipe!

sam adams burger

New Orleans Saints Burgers This unique burger comes from Mr New’awlins himself, Emeril Lagasse. You can’t go wrong at a New Orleans Saints themed party if you serve anything from Emeril and this burger is amazing! If you can’t get crawfish where you are at, you can make a regular burger and top it off with cajun remoulade sauce for the same cajun feel! Get the recipe!

crawfish burgers

The New York Giant Italian Meatball Burger Gotta love the name of this one! Instead of a traditional burger, this one is made like a meatball and then covered in your favorite Italian gravy and gooey cheeses! Forget the hot meatball sandwich! This is even better! Get the recipe!

italian meatball burger

New York Jets Reuben BurgerWhen I think of New York food, well, first I drool all over myself. Then I think of thick pastrami or corned beef sandwiches, topped with all the trimmings. Now you can recreate the feel of a reuben with this open-faced New York Style Reuben Burger! The burger is served on rye bread, covered in cheese and sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Yum, Yum Yum!   Get the recipe!

new york jets reuben burger

The  Oakland Raiders Burger This Classic California recipe is loaded with all the Cali faves: avocados, sprouts, and French’s FrenchFried Onions! Now because it’s Oakland, I thought I should dirty the recipe up a little! Scaled back on the spouts a bit and used fresh fried onions and added a some mushrooms too and oh. my. god. was this an awesome burger!    Get the recipe!

oakland raiders classic cali burger

Philadelphia Eagles Cheesesteak Burger First off, let me just say I’ve never met a cheesesteak I didn’t like. Second, I haven’t really met many burgers I didn’t like either. So the thought of putting the two things together makes me really, really happy. This “Philly Burger” recipe comes from Bobby Flay again. His version features hot peppers, roasted peppers, provolone cheese and sauteed onions. Personally I like my cheesesteaks with some mushrooms and a splash of marinara sauce. And then you pile all of that ontop of the perfect burger!  Get the recipe!

philadelphia eagles philly burger

Pittsburgh Steelers as much as I dislike the Steelers (for those new to Stiletto Sports, I’m a Cardinals girl so Super Bowl XLIII made me pledge my undying hatred for the Steelers for all eternity) I found two great burger recipes for them: The Pittsburgh Steelers Panini and the Roethlis-burger

Pittsburgh Steelers Panini Coleslaw, French fries and an egg ON a burger – why not? This Pittsburgh Panini Burger is loaded up with all kinds of great surprises and you can taste all of the great flavors in one bite. Give it a shot! Get the recipe!
pittsburgh steelers panini burger

The Roethlisburger Get the recipe! This one is honor of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. So it’s the Roethlisberger-burger, hehe! Anyway, the burger is blended with barbecue sauce, bacon pieces and cheddar cheese before it is grilled so the whole burger is packed with flavor. Then it’s served on a bun that has been soaked in ranch dressing and topped with provolone cheese. Then they throw on one potato chip for a bit of crunch!


San Diego Brie Chargered Grilled Portabella Burger I adore the rich, woodsy taste of grilled portabella mushrooms. And this recipe makes them even moer decadent by covering the mushroom with uber-rich brie cheese. The whole burger melts right in your mouth! Adding other roasted or grilled veggies like peppers and zucchini makes this a vegatarian delight! Get the recipe!

san diego chargers grilled portabello brie burger

San Fransisco 49er Burger The Oakland Burger was one version of the Classic California burger but this one is even more traditional and probably the burger everyone envisions when they hear “Cali Burger.”  In fact it’s Bobby Flay’s signature “L.A. Burger.” Instead of lettuce, there is watercress. Instead of ketchup there is one rip tomato. And instead of mayo, mustard or those kind of condiments, there is avocado relish. And the burger is melted with Monterrey Jack cheese, a West Coast fave.   Get the recipe!

san fransisco 49ers avacado burger

Seattle Seahawks Starbucks Coffee Rubbed Burgers Can’t mention Seattle and not mention Grey’s Anatomy. Er, I mean, Twilight. Damn. I mean coffee and Starbucks! A coffee rubbed burger seemed like the perfect tribute to  the most caffeinated city in the country. This recipe is brought to you by Daily Shot of Coffee and my good friend Mike Crimmins. He keeps promising me that he is going to make me these burgers but I’ve been waiting since July and still, no burgers. So you’ll have to take his word that they are good! But Mike knows all things coffee! He reviews them all day long! And he definitely knows coffee recipes too! Get the recipe!

St. Louis Rams Choco Hazelnut burger   This is, by far, the most unique burger on this list. It’s actually a dessert burger! Gourmet Chef Hubert Keller has a 5 Star restaurant in St Louis called Burger Bar and one their featured specialities is this Choco-Hazelnut “burger.” The dessert is layered to look just like a hamburger. It uses strawberries as the tomato, kiwi as lettuce, glazed donuts as the buns and a rich chocolate-hazelnut ganache for the hamburger. The cheese is actually a mango gel and if you look under the bun, there is a light coat of whipped cream, aka the mayo! Get the recipe!

chocolate hazelnut burger

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gator Burger with Sauteed Florida Peppers I’ve been in Florida for 5 years now and I have not worked up the nerve to eat Gator but this recipe may change my mind! I suppose you could do the burger with turkey but what’s the fun in that! This lightly seasoned burger is topped with all sorts of fresh Florida peppers  and onions. I would definitely add some kind of mayo sauce to the bun just to add a lil something something to it! Get the recipe!

tampa bac bucs gator buger

Tennessee Titans Whiskey burger Jack Daniels is located right in the heart of Tennessee and the Tennessee-ians are quite proud of their whiskey! TGI Friday’s made using Jack Daniels Whiskey as a glaze or sauce very mainstream and popular. And the whiskey really does add a whole lot of flavor to salmon and meats and especially to burgers! Mixed with molasses, Worcestershire, and some steak sauce, the end result is sweet, smokey, spicy and savory all at the same time! Get the recipe!

tennessee titans jack daniels burger

Washington RedSkinned Apple Turkey burgers This is a really unique spin on a turkey burger! This recipe blends the ground turkey with fresh apples and cinnamon! It’s like a bite of fall in every bite! And then you serve it with a cranberry-apple salsa that has hints of jalapenos in it as well! It’s tart, puckery with a slight kick of heat. YUM! Get the recipe!

washington redskin apple turkey burger

Hope you enjoyed all these fabulous burger recipes! Do you have one that you use for your NFL or football party? I’d love to hear it! Leave me a comment below or shoot me a tweet @stilettosportsj!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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