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The key to throwing a fabulous Super Bowl party (besides having the perfect outfit!) is planning the perfect menu full of tasty recipes to feed all your famished football fanatics! I’ve already given you football party dip recipes, unique chicken wing recipes and of course, Football Party Cocktails, now it’s time to move on to Sliders!

Don’t know what a slider is? Apparently you haven’t been out to eat at any restaurant for the last 2 years or so! Sliders are “little minis.” They can be mini-burgers, mini-sandwiches, mini-fried-seafood-delights….. You get the idea.

One quick tip, any of the recipes in the 32 NFL Team Inspired Football Party Burgers would also make great sliders. I’m not going to give any more “burger” recipes in this post since you

Mini Burger Grilling Basket! Perfect Companion for a tailgating party!

already have so many to choose from I do highly recommend a  football party “Burger Bar” where you let your guest build their own mini burgers. Just whip up a few hundred dozen mini burgers and set up a “make your own” area with all sorts of condiments, cheeses and add ons like mushrooms, jalapenos, pickles and avocados! For some more suggestions, check out Hubert Keller’s “Burger Bar” or Bobby Flay’s “Burgers, Fries & Shakes.”

Also, you do go the burger route for a mini-slider, I recommend getting something like Gourmet Trend’s Perfect Sliders which is a specialized skillet to help you make them stovetop or Charcoal Companion’s Non Stick Mini-Burger Basket if you will be grilling. Believe me, it will save you a lot of pain and suffering in the kitchen!

But sliders aren’t just for burgers! These little minis can be made with just about anything from deli meat and pulled pork to scallops and fried oysters! Get your napkins ready and prepare to drool over these 21 Delicious Sliders~

Oh, and if you like these and are looking for Super Bowl XLVI Recipes for the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, well we have those over: Giants here! and Patriots Here!

1. Fried Oyster Po’boy Slider I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things is happy little fried oysters covered in a spicy dipping remoulade sauce. My dad makes da bomb fried oysters (we use Chef Paul Prudhomme’s recipe for the oyster batter, delish!) This recipe takes the happy little oyster and turns it into a mini Po’Boy the classic New O’walins specialty sandwich. These guys melt in your mouth. Now, it would be pretty labor instensive for a big party since you’d have to batter and fry a lot of oysters but this would make a fantastic dish it the New Orleans Saints get to the Super Bowl! Get the Recipe!

2. Pulled Pork slider Everyone has a favorite pulled pork recipe, right? If you don’t you need to get one RIGHT NOW! Pulled pork is a hearty simple, very inexpensive dish to prepare! You can go all high end and get a pricey cut of pork but I once fed me and my roommate on Pulled Pork made from a $4 cut of pork shoulder (blade in for flavor!) Just threw that in a crock pot with a ton of spices and some water and let that meat cook until it was fall-off-the-bone tender. I like my pulled pork with a honey mustard bbq sauce like the Carolinas do! But you can use any kind of sauce you like. Then these little minis are topped with a light and refreshing cole slaw for an extra crunch! Get the Recipe!

3. Southwest Turkey Burger Sliders I know, I know! You think football party, the last thing you think of is “turkey burger.” But this one is delish! It’s filled with all sorts of yummy southwestern flavors that really pop in your mouth. Then it’s topped with Cheddar cheese (or, I like to use Pepper Jack cheese for more heat) and fresh avocados! Get the Recipe!

4. Jalapeno Sliders Warning! This is for heat-seeking junkies only! These mini burgers are blended with minced jalapenos before grilling! Like it erally hot? Keep the seeds in and prepare for your mouth to be on fire! The burgers are topped with a sour cream salsa sauce to add extra layers of flavor and for a final touch, spear the burger with a jalapeno toothpick! Get the Recipe!

5. Make Your Own  Sandwich Sliders So I’m not going to give you a recipe for this because that would just be silly. All you do is get a tray of deli meats, some mini buns or bread and some fun garnishes like pickels, olives, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. And of course, the condiments like mayo, mustard, etc. I recommend whipping up a unique “special sauce” of your own too like a spicy honey mustard or horseradish mayo!

6.Scallops Burger with Cilantro Lime Mayo Drooled all over myself on this one! There is nothing like a perfectly seared scallop…. except one that is arranged on a mini slider! These succulent little treats are topped with a light slaw salad and a tart, refreshing cilantro lime mayo. I dare you to eat just one! Get the Recipe!

7. 7 layer Sliders This burger from Rachel Ray could be called “everything but the kitchen sink slider” because it really does have a little bit of everything in the fridge! Refried beans, sirloin, cheese, beer, tomatoes, peppers, avocados, about a dozen different spices, sour cream, mustard, lime, jalapenos and hot sauce. Sounds a little disgusting doesn’t it? But it’s so not! These could also be called The 7 Layers Of Amazing Flavors Sliders! Get the Recipe!

8. Mini Meatball Sliders These little mini “burgers” are a unique spin on the traditional meatball subs! Instead of big hoagie rolls stuffed with meatballs, each ball has it’s own special mini-roll and is topped with a leaf of basil, some sauce and a little bit of cheese! Make it even better by using  toasted garlic bread! YUM! Get the Recipe!

9. Pork tenderloin sliders Chili crusted pork tenderloin makes an excellent dinner–and an even better game day snack! This recipe is super simple and serves many, without a lot of work! Just rub the tenderloin (or 2 depending on how many people are coming to your football party!) with all the yummy spices, pop it in the oven and go on your way! While it’s in the oven, whip up a cilantro lime mayo, grill some grill onions and get ready to make some delicious mini pork burgers! When it’s done cooking, just slice it up and layer it on little rolls or toasted bread! Get the Recipe!

10, Pulled Turkey Cranberry BBQ Slider So remember that awesome pulled pork slider we were talking about a few delicious recipes ago? Well this is another fun pulled meat recipe that is a very unqiue spin on the traditional! Instead of pulled pork, this recipe uses pulled turkey! And instead of honey mustard or regular smokey red barbecue sauce, this sauce is made from cranberry sauce! This is a perfect after Thanksgiving game-day snack! Get the Recipe!

11. Mini Reuben Slider I love reubens so much that I’ve started making corned beef a couple of times a year instead of just at St Paddy’s Day! These sliders are a great cheap, tasty, feed a lot without a lot of work, kind of dish! Just throw the corned beef in a crock pot with some onions and a handful of peppercorns until the meat gets nice and happy. When it starts pulling apart, you know it’s done! Then I layer the slider with some meat, a little ‘kraut, swiss cheese and a dollop of thousand island dressing. I like my reubens on mini-rye bread too! Get the Recipe!

12. Buffalo Chicken Slider What could be better than a mini-Buffalo Chicken Sandwich? There are two different ways to prepare these: grill the chicken with the hot sauce to sear in the flavor or batter the chicken, deep fry it and smother it in hot sauce. I figure, it’s a football party! Fry those suckers! Calories consumed at football parties don’t count! Each bite of these sliders is packed with flavor that will burst in your mouth. Top it with either ranch or blue cheese dressing for even more punch! I found a recipe by Mrs. Paula Deen that sounds heavenly: Get the Recipe!

13.  Southern Fried Chicken Sliders When I first moved to Florida I was introduced to the fast food chain, Chik-Fil-A (pronounced Chick Filet, like filet mignon). Their chicken sandwiches are the hottest thing down South. They have a piece of golden fried (or grilled) chicken and top it with tangy dill pickle slices. I like mine with some cheese and honey mustard sauce! Finger licking good! Get the Recipe! **This recipe is for imitation Chic-fil-a full sized chicken sandwiches. Gonna have to cut them up a bit for a slider!

14. Mini Cubans Another Florida signature food is the Cuban Sandwich, which originated in Miami and then took over the whole state. A Cuban is like a pressed panini that features turkey, ham, cheese, pickles and a spicy mustard-mayo. It’s a deceptively simple sounding dish because the flavors are actually really layered and complex. The pickles add a great unexpected crunch and the way the cheese melts together when pressed….. mmmmmmm! And in a slider form….well let’s just say it’s pretty much the perfect bite. Get the Recipe!

15. Blue Cheese Stuffed Bacon Sliders Okay I know I promised I wouldn’t be doing burger recipes since you already have 32 others to choose from. But this one is blue cheese stuffed with bacon! And it’s from Chef Hubert Keller’s famouse Burger Bar restaurant! I had to feature it! This one is also different because it calls for a grilled pear which sounds so cool! Instead of lettuce, top the burger with arugula for that high-class kind of feel! Get the Recipe!

16. Cali  Wrap Slider Who says mini-sliders have to be burgers or be on rolls and bread? Why not use mini-wraps instead! Now you can wrap up just about anything you want for a mini-slider but I really loved this Cali Wrap recipe. It sounded so fresh and, well, refreshing! But keep in mind if you are serving this at a football party with Meat-atarians, make sure you have plenty of chili and wings to supplement because this is all about the veggies and the veggie burger! Get the Recipe!

17 Rattlesnake Sliders This recipe had me running out to buy ground chicken of all things! Ground poultry is so not my thing but this recipe blends the chicken with andouille sausage that infuses the normally bland poultry with tons of flavor!  They also recommend topping it with a habanero cheese to add a little extra snake bite! And I love that they use Hawaiian Sweet Rolls as the bun which helps cut the heat and pull all the flavors together. Get the Recipe!

18. Crab Cake Sliders Warning! These aren’t the “bar down the street crab cakes” These are 5-star restaurant uber-gourmet crab cakes from Chef Hubert Keller. Instead of mayo and breading, there is a scallop mousse the lump crab meat together. Instead of lettuce, there is a marinated fennel salad. Instead of tarter sauce or remoulade, there is a spicy fennel mayo. You may never be able to eat a regular crab cake ever again! Get the recipe!

19. Grilled Portabello with Pesto To anyone that has shied away from portabello sandwiches because they sound too vegetarian or something, you need to put aside your fears and try one! They are awesome! I actually marinated this Bello Burger Slider in the Italian dressing basil and horseradish mustard before grilling. The flavors soak into the mushroom and WOW! The recipe calls for grilled red peppers or you can use roasted red ones too for a more mediterranean flavor! Get the Recipe!

20. Portobello Mushroom & Walnut Crusted Goat Cheese slider If you put goat cheese on anything I will eat it and love it. It is one of the creamiest, most delicious cheeses in the world! And for this recipe, you kick the goat cheese up another notch by crusting it in chives and walnuts! Instead of using a whole portobello, use just the caps. Then layer it with caramelized onions and just a smear of dijon mustard! The walnuts and creamy cheese will bring out the woodsy flavor of the portobellos. Get the Recipe!

21. Smoked Portobello with Gouda   This unique Portobello Burger recipe uses barbecue sauce to infuse flavor into the mushroom. The smokiness of the BBQ sauce enhances the raw, earthy layers of the mushrooms. The recipe uses carmelized onions but I chose to use fried onion straws for a little bit of texture. I love the addition of the gouda cheese, which has an almost smokey feel to it as well. Get the Recipe!

Do you have a slider or mini-sandwich/burger recipe you’d like to share? Or are you planning on using one of these for your party? Let me know! Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet @StilettoSportsJ. Remember to check out the 32 NFL Team Inspired Burgers and Cocktails as well as the 19 Dip Recipes and 17 Chicken Wing Recipes to finish off  your Super Bowl and football party menus!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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