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For Super Bowl XLIII we created a whole Guide to Throwing the Perfect Super Bowl Party. In the guide was a post dedicated to the most essential party snack: dips. And that “All About the Dips” post became one of the biggest fan favorite posts in Stiletto Sports history. It featured delicious dips like Crab Dip, Touchdown Bean Dip, Pizza Dip, and of course, Buffalo Wing Dip. Seems like all of our readers love dips! So we decided to expand that post and give you 19 More Unique Football Party Dips!

Since then, I’ve searched hundreds of sites and blogs for the best, most unique, tastiest dips around to wow your guests! A lot of these recipes came from Food Classics, which is a fantastic site jammed full of yummy snacks!

If you like these, make sure to check out the New England Patriots Super Bowl XLVI Game Day Recipe Guide and the New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Game Day Recipe Guide for even more dip recipes! (Teaser: there is a lobstah dip AND a bagel dip involved!)

    1. Jalapeno Popper Dip Spread Jalapeno poppers are probably my favorite guilty pleasure. Deep fried, oozing with hot cream cheese and big pops of bold heat…. my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I have some awesome recipes to make them at home but they are so obnoxious to make! But not anymore! Now you can get all the ooey-gooey spicy cheesey goodness of a popper, in a dip! This is so delicious, it had to be physically pried away from my hands because I did not want to share! Get the Recipe!

jalapeno popper dip

    1. White Castle Vidalia Dip If you don’t know what a White Castle burger is, you need to get yourself to Long Island ASAP. Or hit up your local grocery store since they now have these square patties of goodness in the frozen food aisle! There is something so…… naughty…..about White Castle burgers that is just impossible to dupliate. Maybe it’s the square patty. Maybe it’s the fried onions. All I know is the combo is potent and highly addicting. And now they’ve taken the happinees of White Castle and packed it into the perfect party dip! Get the Recipe!

white castle vidalia onion dip

    1. Hot Bacon & Blue Cheese Dip Okay, it’s bacon. It’s blue cheese. Do I really need to elaborate on how freaking yummy this dip is? First off, I’ve never met a bacon dip that I didn’t like. And putting it with blue cheese is like matching it with little drops of heaven! Delish!   Get the Recipe!

bacon blue cheese dip hot

    1. Reuben Dip Get the Recipe! I have just enough Irish blood in my to say Kiss Me I’m Irish on St Paddy’s Day, and to eat a whole lot of corned beef and cabbage. Reubens are one of my favorite sandwiches: slow cooked juicy meat, check; ooey gooey cheese, check; sour crunchy stuffy, check; squishy bread, check; tangy dressing, check. What’s not to like? This recipe takes reubens to a whole new uber-happy place. Highly recommend this. As soon as I read the recipe I had to go buy a corned beef loin thingy and cook it up, 6 months before the Irish holiday. And its AWESOME! Get the recipe!

reuben dip

    1. Hot Cheese & Almond Dip This hot treat features two gooey cheese and green onions along with the nutty almonds. Sprinkled with a bit of nutmeg to enhance the almonds, this dip is a very classy appetizer. Goes great with wines!   Get the Recipe!

hot cheese and almond dip

    1. Beer Pretzel Dip The recipe is so easy and so YUMMY! Beer, cream cheese, powdered ranch dressing, some horseradish and some cheese. Done! Perfect for pretzel dunking and football watching!   Get the Recipe!

beer pretzel dip

    1. Potato Dip Who doesn’t love a loaded baked potato? Bacon, cheese, sour cream and chives? Yes please!  Now this recipe doesn’t feature the cheese in bacon that we know and love but you can always add that at the end and kick it up a notch! I just liked this recipe because it was very different from other potato dips I’ve seen and eaten! This one has Kalamata olives (yum!) and ranch dressing (double yum!) Get the Recipe!

loaded baked potato dip

    1. Pesto Party Dip Pesto always seems so classy to me. It’s something I imagine I would eat often if I were part of the Ladies Who Lunch set. So now I can bring a bit of upper class to my football parties with my Pesto Party Dip!  Get the Recipe!

pesto dip

    1. Bloody Mary Dip This is seriously the perfect dip for Sunday Funday because it has the ultimate hangover cure built right into it! A bloody mary! Rich, creamy and tangy, it’s great with meat, veggies and chips! Plus you can add as much pepper and horseradish as you want to make it super fiery or mild! Get the Recipe!

bloody mary dip

    1. BLT Dip So I’m one of the weirdest food people in the world. I heart tomatos but I can’t stand having them on my sandwiches. But I love to pick them off and eat them. Go figure. So I’ve never been a big fan of BLTs. I more like BLC (as in cheese. Lots of cheese). But now I can actually enjoy a BLTC! This layered dip brings back memories of hot summer days. Then again, I live in Florida. It’s hot all the time….. Get the Recipe!

blt dip

    1. Curry Bread Bowl Dip Curry is one of my all-time favorite spices. I don’t discriminat: green, red, whatever. I love them all. So a dip featuring curry  makes me super happy. And this one is by far the best I’ve ever had. Now I will let you in on a little secret. If you get a small thing of cream cheese and a can of crabmeat and fold it in to the recipe……. let’s just say I get chills all over my body thinking about how unbelievably delicious that dip was. It was like a Thai Crab Rangoon……. YUM!!!!  Get the Recipe!

curry dip bread bowl

    1. Avocado Dip It’s guac, but better! I can sit with a bowl of guacamole and chips for hours and be perfectly happy with the world. This dip takes guac to a whole new level! Packed with green chilis, jalapenos and diced tomatos with more green chilies, this dip packs a major punch! Plus its blended with creamy sour cream and cream cheese to make it decadent!  Get the Recipe!

avacado dip

    1. Ginger Dill Dip Ginger tends to be a forgotten spice. Until recently, I was not a fan but now I find myself wanting to add it to all sorts of dishes. When I first heard “ginger dill” I cringed a little but boy was I wrong! The combo is outstanding! This dip is so light and refreshing, a perfect balance to all those spicy wings you are serving up later!   Get the Recipe!

ginger dill dip

    1. Hoagie dip Any dip that crams 8 different meats into a bread bowl and calls itself a dip, is something I have got to try! Well okay, the recipe only calls for ham and salami but that’s not how us Italians roll. I’m throwing in proscuitto, capicola, some roast beef. Maybe some turkey. Just make sure the bread slices you serve the dip with are hearty enough to hold all that meat! Get the Recipe!

hoagie dip

    1. Dr. Pepper Beef Dip I am almost intrigued enough to try this dip, except Dr. Pepper scares the crap out of me. Never been a fan. However, friends that tried this recipe were practically swooning with happiness. The Dr Pepper soaks into the dried beef and gets it all nice and happy. It’s all blended with a very creamy mixture that melts in your mouth like butta!  Get the Recipe!

dr pepper beef dip

    1. Mississippi Caviar Dip Don’t let the name fool you! Mississippi Caviar Dip is neither caviar, nor is it a dip! It’s more like a pile of happiness. It’s a hot and spicy combo of black eyed peas, peppers and veggies. The longer it chills, the better it tastes!   Get the Recipe!

mississippi caviar dip

    1. Pepperoncini Dip I’m a pepperoncini junkie so when I found a dip that combines my favorite pickled pepper, cheese and garlic, I was all about it. They may be little peppers but but they don’t hold to the rule “the smaller the pepper, the hotter the taste.” They have more of a mild bite to them because of the pickling. I am so addicted to this dip that even reading about it has me foaming at the mouth for more, and I just finished some. Creamy, cheesy and very tangy! Get the Recipe!

Artichoke Pate

    1. Sweet Potato Cheese Ball I’ve had nut-covered cheese balls. I’ve had potato balls. I’ve had sweet potatoes. But I’ve never had a sweet potato cheese ball before! Talk about a unique dip! It’s spicy, creamy sweet potatoes rolled up and smothered in pecans! This is the perfect dip for the football games Thanksgiving weekend! Get the Recipe!

sweet potato cheese ball

  1. Cheesey Italian Zucchini Dip Zucchini tends to get a bad rep in the veggie world. Kids run screaming from it, adults are still scarred from some incident in their childhood involving mushy zucchini…. But even if you were a zucchini-hater your whole live, this zesty dip will convert you! Full of Italian spices and gooey cheeses, this dip showcases zucchini in a whole new light. And makes a perfect tailgating snack!  Get the Recipe!

italian zucchini dip


About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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