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Yesterday I ran through the Stiletto Sports Fan Favorite and most popular Posts from 2009. Today, it’s all about me and my favorites!

Some are funny, some are insightful, some are full of random facts and info. They aren’t always the most viewed or commented pieces. In fact, much to my dismay and embarassment, one of them only has 34 views after almost a year! But these are MY favorite pieces that I’ve written in the last year.

I’m also giving your my favorite guides and series of posts for the year and of course, the favorite hotties of 2009!

And tomorrow I’m going to be sharing the love and giving you my links to my fave sites and twitter friends!

So what was your favorite post from Stiletto Sports? Leave me a comment below or sent me a tweet @stilettosportsJ!

My Personal Favorite Posts

  1. Stiletto Sports Official Guide For Team Selection aka “The Picks” This is by far, my favorite post I’ve ever written. It makes me laugh every time I read it and I reference it in countless other posts. It’s all about the methods to my madness of how I pick my teams whether it be my weekly NFL picks or my teams for the NCAA tournament brackets.
  2. Caught Between Calipari, My Rock and A Hard Place One of the big sports dramas of the spring was when Memphis Basketball’s head coach John Calipari was offered a position at Kentucky. Would he take the big money and run? Or would he stay with the team he built from the ground up to NCAA tourney contenders? It put me in a really interesting place because I have been a Calipari fan for over a decade. And while Kentucky would be a huge promotion for him, it bothered me a lot that he would leave the team.
  3. The NBA All-Star All-Shoe Team: Back in February I wanted to find a unique way to cover the NBA All-Star Game. And my friends were telling me all about the hot sneakers that would be premiering at the game. Sometime in the wee hours of the night I had the brilliant idea to make an all-star all-shoe team…. of all-time. It was…… I want to say “fun” but in all honesty, it was a LOT of work. But it was the first article I was extremely proud of. It landed on the front page of the Bleacher Report and made waves on Yahoo! Sports as well!
  4. Dancing with the NCAA:  Why it’s called the big dance I loved this article because I’ve wondered for years where the term “the big dance” came from but never took the time to look it up. While working on my Getting Ready for the Big Dance piece I finally decided it was time. And it took forever to find the answer! No one really knew. But I consider myself an excellent researcher so I refused to give up until I found out!
  5. And Starring in This Year’s Production of Cinderella…..MSU! I get into March Madness every year but in 2009 I was especially captivated by the tale of the Michigan State Spartans and I really loved writing this piece. They inspired a lot of hope around the country, and especially in Michigan when they made it to the Final Four in Detroit, only 75 miles away from their campus. Even though they were a No. 2 seed in the tournament, they really were the underdog Cinderellas because no one, not even their biggest fans, really expected to see them in the Final Four going head-t0-head with big name powerhouse North Carolina.
  6. Bracketology 101: This post cracks me up every time I read it. I broke down March Madness Bracketology into about 13 different kinds of methodologies like….Mascotology, School Color-ology, Hot Boy-Ology…… all the most popular ways to pick teams for the NCAA brackets! Similar to the Official Guide to Team Selection, but totally different!
  7. Battle of the Blues: The Historic UNC-Duke Rivalry I don’t even have a real reason why I like this post so much, I just do! I learned a lot about the Tobacco Road Rivalry and I laugh whenever I read the post because of the way it flows and the pictures I found to go along with it. Plus there are pics of Lucas and Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill), which always makes me happy!
  8. Dancing with the nba all stars: I have to say,  I didn’t even remember writing this post. I had just had minor surgery and was highly medicated, and I think I had the flu too. So I was all sorts of loopy. So in addition to having some really fun videos of NBA player dance-offs at the All-Star Game, I also made up a very special song about the All-Star Shoes at the game…..set to the Beach Boys “California Girls”  Just be thankful you don’t hear me singing it!
  9. he said/she said How to Throw a Fabulous Football Party Another fun piece that makes me happy! A male/female perspective on how to throw Super Bowl party from snacks and fashion, to TVs and decorations!

My Favorite Series of Posts

In addition to having my favorite single posts, I’ve also run a bunch of series of articles in the last year. I love doing series posts because there is such a sense of a completed journey when they are finished. Of course, I’m usually sad to see them end!

  1. “Yes We Can” Inspirational Sports Moments Series Despite changing the name of the series like 10 times, this was my absolute favorite series I wrote in 2009. I was inspired by President Barack Obama’s inauguration and it made me think of all sorts of inspirational sports moments. It started as one post….and turned into an entire series. Each post was a different theme: Hope, Believe, Inspire, Dream Big, and Imagine the Unimaginable
  2. College Players You Probably Don’t Know But Should In January I was contacted by the Bleacher Report to write a piece about the unknown college basketball players for the 08-09 season. At first  I wasn’t really into it because I’m a March Madness college basketball fan, meaning, I do not pay attention until about St Paddy’s Day. But I figured why not? I learned a lot while researching this piece and I loved the way it came out! And it was nice to give some credit to other players besides Blake Griffen and Ty Hansbrough. And not to brag, but there were a bunch of us that did these kind of posts and I really think mine was the best. Most people chose the same little cluster of players but I dug really deep and went in depth for a Three part piece: Part I Part II Part III
  3. Stiletto Sports Academy Awards of Sports Moments: This was one of my ‘brilliant ideas” that didn’t exactly pan out how I hoped. It was a ton of work. I don’t think I slept for a few weeks while compiling this series. But it definitely wasn’t a fan favorite! Which is too bad because it’s really cool! I took all the key sports moments from 2008 and categorized them like they were an Acadamy award like: Best Actress = Best female athlete, best special effects = extreme sports and NASCAR crashes, best picture = The Olympics and playoffs/championships from all the sports. Pretty clever, eh?
  4. Top Sports Moments of 2009: I loved doing the sports moments & Sports commercials for 2008 and couldn’t wait to do the ’09 version. And this year was so much easier since I actually knew the events unlike ’08 when I had very minimal sports exposure!
  5. Top Sports Commercials of 2009: Always a fan favorite and always one of my faves too! Most of the time, ads irritate the crap out of me, so I love when I find ones that I actually like to watch! And they are always so funny or really inspirational!

Best Guides of 2009

Slightly different from the series posts because these are more complete guides of stuff and don’t necessarily have a beginning or an end!

  1. Girl’s Guide to Football: This is the most in depth guide of them all so far. It required countless hours of research, translating football speak and organizing but I think people really learn a lot and I know I did!
  2. Girl’s Guide to the Bowls: Rose, Orange, Super….Cereal Before last January, the only bowls I knew were the Rose Bowl (which I though just sounded pretty!) and the Super Bowl. Boy did I have a lot to learn! I was really fascinated with the Rose Bowl and it’s history. And very perplexed by the entire college football bowl championship subdivision thingy.
  3. Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Gift Guides are a P.I.T.A. Seriously. They require hours of tedious double-work. Well, at least for me. I don’t want to be a copycatter. I go and try to find really unique gift ideas for sports fans. So it takes awhile! But I really love the way this guide came out, especially the 102 Gift ideas for Yankees Fans.
  4. Girl’s Guide to March Madness: As you know by know, I’m a big March Madness junkie. I was looking forward to doing these guides from the first piece I wrote for Stiletto Sports in October! I covered everthing from Getting Ready for the Big Dance to Masctot & Bracketologies.
  5. Recipe Guides: I love, love, love to cook! So finding and trying out new recipes makes me a very happy girl! Here are some of my faves from this past season:
    1. 32 NFL Inspired Cocktails
    2. 17 Chicken Wing Recipes
    3. 19 Dip Recipes
    4. 32 NFL inspired Burgers: Coming soon! It’s in my scheduled drafts and I have been pulling recipes for my Game of the Week Key Matchups all season

7 Favorite “Hotties” Posts of 2009

And finally, what you have all been waiting for…. my favorite Hotties of 2009!

  1. SportsMan of Style: Kurt Warner: Does it come as any surprise that Kurt is my favorite hottie of the year? The quarter back and leader of the Arizona Cardinals has definitely stole my heart this past year and converted me to a Cardinals lover!
  2. SportsMan of Style: Tim Tebow: Tebow takes the #2 spot on my list of hotties. When I first sat down to write his SportsMan of Style piece I was groaning and bitching because I really didn’t care for him. I thought he was an arrogant ass. And despite living in Florida, I hated Gator Nation. But boy was I wrong about Tebow. Not only is he an amazing athlete and leader for his team, but he is also a truly remarkable person and inspirational role model.
  3. Hottie of the Day: Will Demps The funny thing is that this was just a test post to see if the hottie of the day front page button we were creating was working but somehow, it has received over 4,000 page views! I’ve used that pic in a few other articles because this guy is smoking hot!
  4. Hottie of the Day: Mark Sanchez What’s not to love about this former USC Trojan turned New York Jet? He is delish!
  5. SportsMan of Style: Sam Bradford: This post is actually from ’08 but I didn’t think you would mind! Cutie pie Sam won the ’08 Heisman and went head to head with Tebow in the ’09 BCS Championship. Unfortunately in ’09, Sam was injured early in the season and didn’t have the best year but we still love him!
  6. SportsMan of Style: Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzy! This guy makes catching a football and scoring look easy…. and damn good!
  7. Stiletto Sports Pro Bowl: For the NFL Pro Bowl last year, I went through and picked out all the hotties that would make up my Pro Team!
  8. The Fantasy Football Boy Draft 2009: Last spring I wanted to do a Fantasy Boy draft a la One Tree Hill, with the NFL draft picks! To do it, I had to complete scouting reports for all the key positions which was a lot of fun! Got to scroll through hundreds of pics of hot college football players!
  9. My Super Sweet 16: The Hotties of the NCAA Tourney: It wouldn’t be march Madness without hot college basketball players! This two-part series featured 16 of the hottest players in the tournament like Blake Griffin and Tyreke Evans! YUM!
  10. Gilles Marini: DWTS Profile: How can I not put Gilles on this countdown when his steamy photo on my site shot to the #2 Google image result for him and the article has received more than 21,o00 views! He is dreamy!
About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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  1. Mike Said,

    I forgot about some of those posts! However, you missed some great ones, like the pictures from Yankee Stadium opening day. I’d just post that one over and over…even if I hated the new stadium at first.

    Posted on January 3rd, 2010 at 12:09 pm

  2. Stiletto Jen Said,

    I think that’s on the Fan Favorite posts but it’s not really one of mine

    Posted on January 3rd, 2010 at 5:58 pm

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