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Looking for awesome gift ideas for the Yankees lovers in your life? Well, look no further! I’ve complied a list of over 100 of the best, most unique gifts that any New York Yankees lover would love to have. From 2009 World Championship apparel and novelties to classic Yankees Stadium memorabilia and collectibles, this list will give you an idea for every Yankees fanatic on your list!

Okay, so maybe the list is only at 89 right now, but I will add more! Please let me know if there is something you think should be added to the list. Also, let me know what you are hoping Santa (or the Holiday Armadillo) is bringing you this year! Leave a comment below or send me a tweet @StilettoSportsJ. Or if you are a fan of Stiletto Sports on Facebook, drop me a comment over there! Not a fan? Become a Stiletto Sports Fan now!

Because the post is so long, I sub-categoried all the Yankees gifts. So click on any picture and it will jump you to that category/section.

Great Yankees Stocking Stuffers

Great Yankees Stocking Stuffers


Yankees Gifts For Her

Yankees Gifts For Her


Yankees Custom Gift Baskets

Yankees Custom Gift Baskets


Yankees World Champions Gear

Yankees World Champions Gear


Yankees Coffee Mugs and Glassware

Yankees Coffee Mugs and Glassware


Yankees Golf Gifts

Yankees Golf Gifts


Yankees Tailgating Party Gear

Yankees Tailgating Party Gear


Yankees Collectibles and  Memorabilia

Yankees Collectibles and Memorabilia


Ultimate Yankees Gifts

Ultimate Yankees Gifts


Yankees Books, Movies and  Calendars

Yankees Books, Movies and Calendars


Yankees Baseball Jerseys

Yankees Baseball Jerseys


TAILGATING & PARTY GIFTS yankees keg tailgating grill

  1. Yankees Grill Covers: The perfect way to show off your team loyalty to all your next door neighbors and tailgate party-comers!
  2. New York Yankees Grill BBQ Utensil Set: A true Yankees fan knows burgers taste so much better when flipped with a New York flipper thingy.
  3. NY Yankees 1 Gallon Tailgating Jug: A tailgate party isn’t the same without drinks and this 1 Gallon Jug stores plenty of party cocktails. Need a great drink to fill it with? Check out these NY Yankees Inspired Cocktail Recipes! Include them with the jug and you have an ultimate Yankees fan gift!
  4. New York Yankees MLB Baseball Tailgate Beer Pong Table: Do I really need to say more? It’s a Beer Pong Table! With Yankees on it!
  5. New York Yankees Keg-A-Que Propane Grill: See that cool photo above? That’s this guy. A Yankees propane grill in the shape of a keg! Best idea ever!


  1. The Yankee Years Joe Torre. One of the most highly anticipated books of the year other than something in the Twilight series.
  2. Yankees Century: 100 years: Documents the ups and downs through the decades with photographs, essays and real accounts.
  3. Last Night of the Yankees Dynasty: While fans will argue that the dynasty is far from over, this book takes a look at the changes in the team after 2001
  4. The Yankees 365 Don’t be fooled by the title. This book isn’t a daily calendar or even 365 pages! It’s actually 744 pages compiled by the Associated Press with a forward by legendary Don Mattingly!
  5. New York Yankees 100 Years Retrospective Coffee Table Book: Beautiful display book that reflects on the remarkable history of the Yanks.
  6. Blood Feud: The Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Struggle of Good versus Evil: The name kinda says it all! The story of the bitterest rivalry in baseball!
  7. Yankee Stadium: The Official Retrospect
  8. Yankee Stadium Tribute: Includes a dvd and is a poignant tribute to the history of the stadium.
  9. Yankee Stadium Scrapbook: All sorts of goodies to remember the original stadium.
  10. Remembering Yankee Stadium: A look back at the most iconic stadium in baseball before it was rudely demolished!


  1. Yankee Stadium 2010 Calendar Historic Images of the iconic stadium from 1923-2008
  2. Yankees 2010 Team Wall Calendar Every month a new favorite Yankees player!
  3. Yankees World Champion Team Calendar: Celebrate with the team all year with this 12-month wall calendar that pays tribute to the 2009 World Series Championship win
  4. New York Yankees 2010 Box Calendar 365 days of Yankees! The best gift for any true NY fan!
  5. Derek Jeter Wall Calendar with Sound. Yes, with sound! The calendar is full of action shots of Jeter and it also plays audio from a segment of play during a game! It features a Bonus Page and the Player Bio is featured each month


  1. The New York Yankees: Essential Games of Yankee Stadium- Perfect Games and No Hitters: Includes: Don Larsen’s perfect game (10/8/56), Dave Righetti’s no-hitter (7/4/83), Jim Abbott’s no-hitter (9/4/93), Dwight Gooden’s no-hitter (5/14/96), David Wells’ perfect game (5/17/98), David Cone’s perfect game (7/18/99)
  2. Yankeeography Mega-Set: This must-own collection features over 40 hours of the most memorable names and unforgettable moments of Yankees history. It was done in 2007 though so it doesn’t have this exciting year!
  3. 2009 World Series Highlights Film: Get all the drama, game action, behind-the-scenes access and in-depth interviews a Yankees fan could want. The Official 2009 World Series Film on DVD features an adrenaline-filled feature-length film, highlights from the entire postseason and incisive bonus features.
  4. The New York Yankees 2009 World Series Collector’s Edition: Each definitive 2009 World Series game is presented uncut in this action-packed 8-DVD set, preserving the complete, unedited footage of every must-have 2009 World Series game and key playoff gameplus exclusive celebratory footage and interviews. BEGINS SHIPPING DECEMBER 15th, 2009 but you can pre-order now!
  5. Yankeeography Captain’s Collection: This special edition Yankeeography two-DVD collection salutes seven Captains from Lou Gehrig to Derek Jeter. Culled from the Emmy® award- winning Yankeeography series, these seven player profiles span the eras of Yankees greatness, generations of fandom, and acknowledge the role each played for their teams.
  6. Yankee Stadium: Baseball’s Cathedral This amazing tribute to the most iconic baseball stadium in the world also comes with Collectable Ticket & gold coin.
  7. The Official World Series Collector’s Edition: This video is actually good for all baseball lovers, not just Yankees fans. But I figured since the Yanks have appeared in so many World Championships, this would be an awesome gift!

FASHION & ACCESSORIES ***will be adding to this section, don’t worry! watches

  1. Legend Series Watch This is the top of the line gift for any Yankees loving guy. Each watch is custom designed and set with lots of shiny diamonds and gold accents.
  2. New York Yankees Ladies Legend Series Watch: This smaller version is perfect for the Yanks’ female fans. Sparkling with diamonds and the gold NY Yankees logo.
  3. New York Yankees Hall of Fame Watch: I love the sleek design of this watch with its blue Yankees logo in the middle. Very metro and modern.


  1. Yankees PJs Boxers Etc: Guaranteed to give you sweet dreams of the Yankees winning…. or of Jeter’s tushy!


  1. Yankees World Series Jerseys
  2. See also Stiletto Sports Top 15 MLB Jerseys for 2009. The top spots go to Jeter, A-Rod, C.C., and Tex.


  1. Yankees Golf Gifts : Choose from Golf tees, club covers, custom golf balls and even a Yankees Golf bag!
  2. Yankees Golf Gift Basket: Can’t choose? That’s okay! There’s a special Yankees Golfer Gift basket that combines it all!
  • 3 golf headcovers, embroidered with NY Yankees Logo and team colors
  • 1 NY Yankees NIKE Contrast Stitch Golf Hat (One Size Fits All)
  • 3 NIKE GOLF Long Distance Golf Balls
  • 1 NY Yankees divot tool and ball marker
  • Extra long team colored golf tees

COLLECTIBLES Collectibles are highly coveted gifts. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you purchase them from a credible source that is going to offer authenticity. You don’t want to be shelling out oodles of cash on something that turns out to be fake. All these items are linked to Amazon

  1. New York Yankees Framed World Series Coin Collection 30 coins done in brilliant 24kt Gold in a stunning collector’s piece for true Yankees Fans.
  2. New Yankee Stadium Baseball Replica : I think stadium replicas are the coolest thing! This one is for the new stadium but they have ones for the old or you could get one of each!
  3. Yankee Stadium Final Season – 24KT Gold and Infield Dirt Coin Photo Mint: Shows the final season of Yankees stadium in gorgeous color and a black and white shot from 1923. Also has a gold coin and dirt from the infield. I think it’s hysterical to give someone dirt!
  4. NY Yankees Opening Day 2009 Commemorative Baseball – Limited Edition Celebrate the opening day of the new Yankees stadium April 16. 2009. Sure to be a collectors item 100 years from now!
  5. New York Yankees New Stadium Official Baseball Set: This is a set of 2 baseballs to commemorate the opening of the new stadium.
  6. New York Yankees snow globes: Who doesn’t love snowglobes?!?!?!!? There are ones with the new and the old stadium, globes set inside baseball gloves, snow balls featuring the NY skyline and even musical ones that play “Take me Out to The Ball Game!” I want them all!

ULTIMATE GIFTSyankees recliner

  1. New York Yankees Executive Leather Office Chair And if you pick up one of these, add an extra for me too because this looks ridiculously comfortable and I know accomplish so much more with a chair like this!
  2. New York Yankees Counter Top Refrigerator: Perfect gift for Yankees fans in college dorms!
  3. New York Yankees Carpet: Before purchasing this for your Yankees loving buddy, be sure to check with his or her significant other. Not everyone would really appreciate a Yankees carpet interrupting their decor.
  4. New York Yankees Recliner/Dreamseat Home Theater Actually, forget the leather office chair, I want this!!!
  5. Yankees Spring Training VIP Package: Okay so I don’t have a link for this but the general concept would be to head over to Southwest and get some cheap airfare to Tampa in the spring. Then use whatever ticket company you like to get some Yankees Spring Training tickets. And then shoot me an email. If you get me one, I’ll give you the inside tips on where the Yanks hang out after their games when they are in town since I’m right down the road! PS–you can get Yankees/Red Sox tickets for pretty reasonable price!
  6. The Ultimate Yankees Fan Gift of All Time: Steiner Sports Yankee Stadium Seat Pair and Derek Jeter Autographed Bat Combo. That’s right, for the reasonable price of $2,499, you can give the gift of old chairs. And a bat. Just kidding. This gift is seriously the best thing you can give a true Yankees fan. Seats from the iconic stadium and a Jeter signed baseball bat would get you anything you want for the rest of your life.


  1. New York Yankees Official Ornaments: World Series Champs ornaments, cute NY Yankees caps and uniforms, even Yankees candy cane ornaments!
  2. Yankees Key Chains: There are literally hundreds of different kinds of Yankees keychains. There are World Series and ALCS key rings, bottle openers, ones with Yankees NY Logo, Yankees Hat Logo, baseball gloves, some have the NY skyline and the logos, some even talk to you! The hardest part will be picking just one!
  3. NY Yankees Bottle Openers: Again, there are tons of different kinds of openers. My two personal faves: The Tailgating Hitch Opener and the Belt Buckle Bottle Opener. Yes, belt buckle. With the words “open here” and arrows pointing….Quite the mental image, I know. Just remember, it’s not nice to give an opener without a case of beer! How else will the recipient know it works correctly! It’s like giving an electronic toy without the batteries! Tease!
  4. Yankees Hats: There are so many kinds, you could get a different one for every day of the month!
  5. Yankees Pez: A stocking is not complete without Pez!
  6. Yankees Wallets & Money Clips: Sabathia and Texiera’s salaries not included.
  7. Yankees Jewelry: Necklaces, Cuff Links, etc: Who doesn’t love finding shiny objects in their stockings? I know I do
  8. Yankees Magnets Everything from fridge magnets in every shape & style imaginable to car magnets and magentic decals to show the world “I Love the Yankees!” Warning: do not purchase car magnets for fans in Boston. That will not end well. I really loved the Uniform Progression magnets that show the transformation of the Yankees uniforms through time. Very unique.


  1. Confessions of a She-Fan: The Course of True Love with the New York Yankees by Jane Heller. I’m adding this to my Must Read Book List because it sounds like every female, Yankees fan or hater, needs to check it out. Especially if they think baseball sucks. Here is a clip of one review: “It is a funny, funny look at the life of a female Yankee fan, that I think most female Yankee fans will identify with. Jane Heller explains why she loves baseball in a few perfect paragraphs that I am tempted to copy and carry with me for reference when confronted with anyone, male or female, who claims that baseball is boring.”
  2. Yankees Apparel: Everything from World Champs gear and pinstripe replica jerseys to pink and fashion tees to support your team!
  3. Yankees Purses & Handbags! Don’t know what to get her? You can never go wrong with a purse. Ever. I have a closet full of them and always looking for more. And these Yankees bags are unique and fashionable!
  4. New York Yankees Ladies “What’s Not To Love Here” T-shirt Cheeky and fun, this navy blue tee has the saying “what’s not to love here” across with it with a big red NY Yankees heart!
  5. New York Yankees Women’s Denim Jeans – by Alyssa Milano Alyssa may be a die hard Dodgers fan but she still makes fantastic Go Yankees clothing for women! These jeans actually have the NY Yankees logo embroidered on the back pockets! Super cute, super chic, and super team loyalty all in one!
  6. New York Yankees Women’s Reversible Satin Jacket – by Alyssa Milano Alyssa takes the classic satin baseball jacket and kicks it up with a modern twist for 2010. Sleek, sassy, reversible and just for Yankees fans!
  7. Yankees 2009 World Series Champions Ladies Baseball Jersey. Majestic (designer of awesome baseball gear) produced this white pinstripe home jersey to honor the World Champs. This #2 Derek Jeter jersey has the 2009 World Series logo on the sleeve!


  1. New York Yankees 2009 World Series Champs Travel & Ceramic Mug Set This two pack has a 16oz to-go coffee cup and a 15 oz ceramic mug boasting the Yankees championship!
  2. Yankees World Champs GameBall Ceramic Mug: Comes with 2 15oz ceramic mugs that look like a baseball! And in the baseball there is a world champs logo and the World Series trophy. THis is great gift for someone who wants a cup for work and office!
  3. New York Yankees Sculpted Pinstripe Coffee Mug 15oz. Mug in the classic blue and white pinstripe motife
  4. NY Yankees Stainless Steel Macho Travel Mug Yes, macho. Because this bad boy can hold 52 ounces of coffee!
  5. New York Yankees 2009 World Series Champions 1 Liter Aluminum Water Bottle: Sleek, stylish, and good for the environment!
  6. Yankees World Series Soda/Beer Pint Glass:
  7. New York Yankees 2 Piece Wine Glass Set: This wine glasses are definitely a great gift for all Yankees fans, but especially the female ones. Very classy!
  8. Yankess Tervis Tumbler World Series Set: Don’t know what a Tervis Tumbler is? Well, clearly you don’t live in Florida because they are everywhere here. They are indestructable plastic cups. And they somehow keep your beverages cool. And these guys pay tribute to the big 27th win!
  9. Yankees Glass gift set: Comes with a ping glass, a coffee mug and a shot glass! Perfect!


  1. Yankees/Red Sox Connect Four: Go for the Glory, go for the score, go for it, Connect 4!
  2. Yankees Monopoly: I am a huge fan of custom monopoly games. In this Yankees edition you can buy, sell and trade all star Yankees players like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez. The six collectible pewter tokens are a Yankees cap, batter, pitcher, and ball in glove, World Series trophy and catcher’s mask.
  3. Yankees 2009 World Champion Monopoly: This one is specific to the 2009 championship!
  4. Yankees Mr Potato Head: Funnest Yankees fan gift ever!
  5. Yankees Mrs. Potato Head Love that she is decked out in Pink gear to go with her man!
  6. Yankees Jenga Play Jenga a fun new way with New York Yankees blocks and Yankees dice that add excitement to the game! Build your tower with Yankees blue and white blocks. Custom Yankees Jenga rules throw each player a curve ball and make the game even more challenging and fun! Roll the dice and make the play. Safe reverses the direction of play; Single allows you to remove any piece and an RBI means you remove only a blue block. The last player to remove a block without tumbling the tower wins the game!
  7. Yankees Scrabble: Play scrabble on a baseball time with the Yankees logo!
  8. Yankees versus Red Sox Chess Set: The two rivals battle it out across the chess board
  9. I also want to mention Yankees Yahtzee and Yankees Subway Series Chess but for some reason, every time I try to add any more detail or links about them, I lose this entire post!


  1. New York Yankees Gift Basket Any NY Yankees fan would appreciate this great gift box filled with gourmet snacks and a keepsake gifts:
    • Tortilla Chips
    • Yankees Logo Nacho Cheese Sauce
    • Yankees Logo Salsa
    • Yankees Logo Peanuts
    • Yankees Logo Frosted Vanilla Cookie
    • Yankees Logo Rubik’s Cube Puzzle
    • 8×13 Hardcover Yankees Subway Series Book. (12oz)
  2. NY Yankees Deluxe Gift Basket from Jackie’s Basket This high quality, hand crafted team wicker basket features
  • Yankees Logo Cap
  • Team Logo Sports Towel,
  • 11oz. Marbelized Ceramic Mug w/Pewter Team Logo Ingot,
  • 12″ MLB Logo Pillow,
  • Yankees Logo Money clip,
  • Yankees logo key chain,
  • Yankees Logo Bumper Strip!

Yankees Gourmet Food!!!!yankees spices

  1. New York Yankees BBQ Sauce – A custom blend from Hot Sauce Harrys! This mildly sweet barbecue sauce with a great hickory smoke flavor is made with molasses, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce and chili peppers and comes in a 16 oz. jar with the New York Yankees colors and logos.
  2. New York Yankees Spice Set This three spice gift set includes a Steak & Rib Rub, Sweet BBQ Rub and Yankees Cajun Seasoning (do Yankees even do cajun? Hmmm). Get your grill on!
  3. New York Yankees Hot Sauce – Premium cayenne pepper sauce blend from Hot Sauce Harry!
  4. NY Yankees Popcorn The New York Yankees Tin is stuffed with a three-way assortment of gourmet popcorn!

A few other bonuses without a category:

  1. Yankees License Plate: No Yankees fan’s car is complete without one!
  2. New York Yankees 2009 World Series Champs Clock: Celebrate the championship all day long!
  3. Yankees World Champion Throw: Snuggle up and take comfort remembering the 2009 win!
  4. Yankees Mailbox Cover: Just be forewarned, neighbors may not approve and may increase likelhood of your mailbox being smashed.

And…. that’s about it! What are you getting the Yankees lovers in your life? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Or if I missed a gift (although I don’t see how that is possible) shoot me a tweet @stilettosportsJ or comment below!

About the author: Jennifer Taglione is the owner of this fabulous website Stiletto Sports. Despite writing well over 500 posts, she still maintains that she is not a sports writer! She is however a huge fan of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, the Celtics, and totally kicks butt on March Madness brackets! Connect with her by following her on Twitter @StilettoSportsJ and subscribing to her weekly newsletter. For more info check out the About the Editor page!

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